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STADN Ltd, trading as Talk to a Doctor, provide medical information both on the phone and the internet for individuals looking to get medical advice from the comfort and privacy of their home. We provide instant access to doctors by telephone and online. We are now looking to get a loan to launch our new website and an app.

We are here to provide immediate access to accurate medical advice and professional counselling services for both business clients and the general public.

STADN was started to provide a service to clients which was as yet unavailable. We wanted to provide clients with the ability to speak to doctors quickly and efficiently, providing additional a list of health information lines that give you essential information on current outbreaks and common medical conditions.

With the years, we have continued to grow and onboard further clients, both individual and organisations. Currently, one of our main clients is Vitality Health, a large private medical insurer. We also work with clients such as KBR, for government contracts covering the embassies in Iraq and Afghanistan on behalf of the FCO.

We work with United Safecare, for contracts with GEO Amey and Serco, and Health Assured, who cover employee assistance programmes for Mars, Tesco and many others.

Talk to Us is the corporate branch of our two services Talk to a and Talk to a Using our innovating platforms for the provision of counselling and medical services, we create tailor made employee support packages for corporate clients.

The technology used to provide our existing services to members of the general public is adapted to offer our clients an unprecedented array of Corporate Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme facilities. We have a wide range of options which combine ease of use with peace of mind.

Our unique operation allows employees to feel truly valued and employers to remain in control of budgetary spend, whilst at all times preserving confidentiality.

Not wanting to stop expanding our services, we have launched our new video section, featuring back exercises and videos on breast and testicular self examination (soon to be uploaded), and will also feature meningitis rash.

Keeping with the current developments in mental health, we have a sister service,, which provides emotional support.

Currently, we are looking to take advantage of our competitive position as the first to market provider of telemedicine services. The sector is undergoing rapid expansion and there are a multitude of NHS and private tenders making this a billion pound industry with very few players able to fulfill this demand. We are looking to complete the launch of our apps, re-skinning them for our clients


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Key people

Doniert Macfarlane
Founder and Director
Douglas Sehsuvaroglu
Client Relations
Syrus Nourbakhsh
Project Manager

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A. This is primarily for the one off initial outlay for the budget we have assigned on the developer front. We have been working with our developers for the last 3years on various projects, and have a good understanding of the likely cost of the plans based on the work done previously. The ongoing costs of maintenance of servers are paid for through the ongoing contracts we have with clients. Thank you for your contribution to the lending.

A. Yes, this is all investment in software tech primarily, with some capital investment in a new consumer product piece of hardware

A. The funds will be used to adapt our current software. Having successfully launched 3 out of our 4 planned apps on the app store, we have been approached with opportunities within B2C market sectors that we had not anticipated and B2B enquiries for adaptations of what we do for other bespoke purposes and collaborations. All require software development investment initially to capitalize on the opportunities that are available for exponential growth over the next 18 months.

A. Stadn Ltd has been profitable for each of its trading years. The 2014/15 year return was absorbing a loss from a sister company which we took over running during that trading year. This has since been divested of as of June 2015. The core business of telemedicine has been profitable for all 12 trading years. Our turnover has increased by 1100% in the last 4 years and is due to double in the next 18 months due to further supply agreements within key B2B sector

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"We are here to provide immediate access to accurate medical advice and professional counselling services for both business clients and the general public."

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