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Spanish Slate Quarries began when their founder spotted a gap in the market for beautiful, natural slate and quickly became the first company to import quality slate into the UK market from their Argentinian quarry. They now supply to homeowners, architects, contractors, and heritage projects. Priding themselves on having the largest stock in the country available on demand, the funds raised in this campaign will be used to replenish and extend this stock to keep up with their growing clientele.

Whatever the project, we’ve got you covered

Natural slate is deemed as the most cost-effective roof-covering material on the market and we've successfully tapped into this market. Our founder and director, Ahmed, had the bright idea to import our quality roofing slate into the UK thirty years ago, and thereon we experienced great success as Spanish Slate Quarries. We now operate on a global scale, with teams posted in twenty-two countries, primarily in Spain and Argentina. The latter is where you can find our quarry, which is 1,560 million years old and situated between the stunning Pampas and Andes in La Repressa.

We're passionate about our material: every single one of our slates are split by hand - and we have a minimum holding of 2 million at any given time! We stock seven varieties of slate as well as a revolutionary phyllite material known as Riverstone Architectural, which is only available from a handful of source worldwide. As the first company to import these kind of of slates into the UK market, we are in high demand with a variety of customer bases, from contractors to architects, homeowners to local authorities. All of our slate comes with a 100 year guarantee and access to our expert resource centre and product support services. Examples of our successful projects include The Cowyards in Oxfordshire, the Hilton in Helsinki, and the Grand Lisboa in Macau.

Our growth, with the support of Crowd2Fund, has been phenomenal over the last few years. Therefore, we are returning to raise further funds; the money raised in this campaign will be used to finance our stock purchases which are in increasing demand. Our London showroom is up and running, which will bring in more customers - feel free to visit us yourself!


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Ahmed Haroun El-helw
Vildan Haroun El-helw

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"Whatever the project, we’ve got you covered"

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