Serraco Ltd, trading under the name of Mokee, are determined to provide parents with products that are not only fit for purpose but the highest quality available on the market, while selling them at the lowest price available by eliminating the wholesaler and retailer stages of the business process and providing free delivery across Europe. With your funding we want to continue our rapid growth by purchasing more stock and increasing our marketing presence.

Creating beautifully designed family environments

Raising children is expensive. Before a baby is even born, parents spend around £1,400 on their child. We understand that parents only want the best for their children, so when we started in 2013, our aim to allow parents peace of mind, both by providing a high quality product at a price that won't break the bank.

The products listed on our site are designed and handcrafted by us, cutting out the wholesalers and retailers to ensure that anyone who purchases from our site is guaranteed the best price every time. We are inspired by a minimalist Scandinavian style, so that our products can fit seamlessly into the backdrop of any nursery. Our cots have an adjustable bottom to allow maximum comfort for our customers' children, while the removable side converts it into a comfortable first bed for when they reach 2 years old; so you know that like the rest of our products, they are built for the long term.

What we offer to our customers is designed along parents and families, so from the design phase through to the setting of the price, we always have family in mind to ensure that babies are not deprived of the safe, smart, and stylish products that we have on offer due to a extortionate price tag. We also offer free delivery with our products, so that there are no surprises when buyers check out.

With a round of funding, we aim to purchase more stock to fall in line with the rapid increase in demand for our products, and to further spread the word about our range of well-loved and products and the care that goes into designing them.


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"Creating beautifully designed family environments"

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