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Sensible Development facilitate direct trade between buyers and sellers by helping their clients sell to a global marketplace through a range of auctions and other marketplace mechanisms. They operate within speciality coffee, where they are market leaders; machinery sales, where they have a long history and loyal group of clients; and help charitable foundations that generate significant income. The funds raised will help them to expand their product, develop partnering agreements, and further build in foundations for long-term growth.

Facilitating direct trade between buyers and sellers

Sensible Development are a UK-based web development company, leading the market for online auction software. We build robust but affordable web applications to make online auctions more accessible for businesses from a range of sectors, specialising in machinery, fundraising, speciality coffee, and marketplace providers. Our process involves developing an online auction platform for each client, which we then actively manage on our reliable servers, allowing businesses to engage customers and drive revenue.

We have grown to achieve a client base that spans four continents, from both retail and non-profit backgrounds. Companies that have utilised our technology include Help for Heroes, Mind, and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, all of whom have completed successful fundraising campaigns. We have also worked with a range of coffee specialists such as Gesha Village Coffee Estate and Santa Felisa.

Our reputation has been built on shaping the marketplace and providing high-quality, easy-to-use programs for those looking to exhibit online auctions. We will use the money raised in this campaign to continue this trajectory and develop our product further.


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A. We have worked for the last 7 years with the main Specialty Coffee Organisation; running over 20 country based auctions per year. These are based upon annual competitions developing coffee in those countries. The auctions showcase the coffee to the buyers.
We also work with farms direct hosting private auctions & promote them to our extensive database of buyers.
We are building relationships with commercial producers to deliver auctions at commercial scale which will increase reach & profit.

A. I have checked this out and there are two reasons:
1) Whilst we made a good profit last year we ended the financial year with a small deficit in our net current assets of around £1,500. As I am sure you may appreciate it is a snapshot of how things are that point in time.
2) We have low shareholders funds. I am the only shareholder in the company and the company was bootstrapped when first set up. I would imagine as the value of the assets are low this results in low shareholders funds.

A. We have NDAs in place for some of our customers. However I can say we have a good spread of customers who generate equal revenues across three sectors. We do of course have some key customers who spend more than others. These tend be gateway clients to others within their sector.
We are also developing partnerships in verticals to help us add value to our own product, which will aid growth as well as the key target of customer retention.

A. What YTD figures do you have in mind, specifically? Our projections are as follows for Year Ending March 2019:
Turnover will be: £250,000.
Gross Profit will be £245,000.
Net Profit will be: £50,000.

A. We are planning on integrating with Blockchain. This will give us a USP in the coffee sector which is a growing market for us. It will provide is with the ability to traceability to the coffee being sold through our platform. This will help more value to be derived for the farmer and increase the price of the coffee they sell.
We also plan to upgrade our hosting. We wish to make more use of the cloud hosting options out there. This means we can autoscale up and down according to demand.

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"Facilitating direct trade between buyers and sellers"

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