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S4A are a team of sports specialists who strive to help schoolchildren reach their full potential through providing the facilities that allow them to find their sporting talent. The funds raised on this campaign will allow the expansion of these facilities through the development of a brand new astroturf pitch.

Pioneering the importance of sport development

We provide the opportunities required to help children develop life skills through introducing to them the benefits of playing sports and being part of a team. We offer children the facilities to participate in a range of sports, and are building on these through raising funds needed to install an astroturf that a variety of sports teams can use.

The children who play sports through us are able to take part in camps that take place across 8 locations, and suit those who want to be part of clubs that take place after school or during the holidays. When they take part in our clubs they don't have to have played previously; we welcome children of all abilities, as our main goal is to ensure that every child enjoys themselves when part of our clubs.

We don't stop at clubs: we also offer our services to schools through holding lunch time sports clubs or conducting their P.E. lessons so that they can be safe in the knowledge that they are teaching children using an organised, high-quality program to their students through our skilled staff and flexible schedule. Our specialist staff go above and beyond to provide teachers with lesson plans and working alongside them, rather than taking over.

We've grown to operate in several locations, through our partnerships with sports clubs and schools. We now feel that it is the right time to operate through an independent site, and need funds to build a multi-purpose astroturf pitch in Buckingham.


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£ 40k
£ 40k
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Where will the funds go?

New astroturf pitch

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Matthew Ogle

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A. Hi Roger, with regards to the 2017 financials, turnover has increased to £170,000 with profits on this being £40,000. They are currently being finalised with the accountants but this is what we are projecting with our management accounts. Going forwards once the astroturf has been built, we have projected that turnover will surpass £360,000 with the continued growth of the business and that profits on this will be around £95,000 per annum.

A. We currently have guaranteed bookings from 2 junior football clubs from September - April, a personal trainer all year round, 2 senior football clubs from September-April and a local rugby club training in winter months. We will also use the facilities for birthday parties and we will rent it out to our Development company also which currently rents a premises in the area to do this so we will be saving money there!

A. The pitch will not accommodate any indoor activities, though we will have indoor access to the sports hall next door if needed. We will hire it out to a variety of sports from 5-10pm every evening 8am-10pm weekends and 13 weeks holidays. We currently have interest in rental from a local hockey club,rugby club and personal trainer as well as the numerous football clubs.

A. We will have a 10 year rolling contract which means that the school will have to give us 10 years notice to leave. Within this we have access to the car park, the toilets and changing room facilities. The address is Bourton Meadow Academy, Burleigh Piece, Buckingham.

A. We were in a partnership from 2008-2015, i then bought my business partner out as we didn't agree on the way in which we wanted to take the company, before incorporating in October 2015.

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"Pioneering the importance of sport development"

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