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Snow, mountain and road: the 3 words that will define the next 20 years of Ruroc! Over the past 6 years, Ruroc has dominated the full-face ski and snowboard helmet market with their RG1-X helmet system profitably generating over £1.45m turnover this year alone. With over 30,000 helmet systems in circulation, weekly Sky Sports coverage in the pit lanes of Formula One, who use our helmets, and a network of over 830,000 fans, Ruroc are now ready to tackle their next market head-on.

Protection Re-engineered

Riding with Ruroc means knowing the value of getting out early to cut the first lines, finishing after dark to make the most of the day and pushing yourself to do something more. Ruroc was built because they knew what challenges extreme riders face.

Ruroc are the creators of the world's first fully integrated ski helmet, goggles and mask, and are hailed, by over half a million social media followers, as the revolutionaries of safety and style on the slopes. Ruroc now wants to invite you to join the team and fund their mission to construct brilliant gear to enhance protection in extreme environments.


Ruroc's value is in its community. Their 'fans, not customers' mantra has led them to amass a global network of over 830,000 followers and establish themselves as a highly engaged action sports hub.

Fans look to Ruroc for industry news, weather reports and other user generated content that embodies the lifestyle that Ruroc represents.

Action sport fans' ride gear is one that expresses who they are and what they've achieved. This understanding led Ruroc to establish their 4 core beliefs:

1) Their gear must be unique in its design and like nothing else in its category.
2) Their gear must have added performance benefits.
3) Their gear must always be fan and user driven.
4) Their gear must make the user believe they can step out of their comfort zone.

These pillars lead their fan relations, product development and guide the company as a whole.


An unconventional approach to design, marketing and fan engagement has seen the Ruroc RG1-X helmet system enhance traditional ski helmet safety, eradicate goggle fog and prevent overheating. 2015 led to a new market leading innovation in magnetic lens technology, known as MagLoc.

Optical clarity, defence from impacts and protection from the elements are the 3 essentials for any action sports athlete. These three key requirements defined the RG1-X. Ruroc will endeavour to perfect the following core categories when developing their products for snow, mountain and road markets:

Impact - Helmets and Body Armour.
Optics - Goggles and Sunglasses.
Elements - Technical Apparel for cold or warm climates.

In 2017, Ruroc will seek to evolve from a Snow Sports protection brand into an Action Sports brand with the launch into the Road category, specialising in SuperMoto & Streetfighter style helmets. Furthermore, this evolution increases their brand presence in the Snow category as the new road-worthy helmets would allow Ruroc to cross over into the Snowmobile market.

Ruroc's entry to market method is based around bringing a flagship item to cause disruption. They will then innovate and drive their expansion through the Optics and Elements categories.

Ruroc are hoping to transcend the snow sports to become a brand synonymous with action sports within the next 10 years, in the same way Red Bull, Monster and Volcom have managed.


Ruroc's focus is on scaling whilst maintaining profitability. They're passionate about their products, and love their fans. That is why they've reinvested their profit from the 2015/16 season and will be launching the following product enhancements in September:

XL/XXL sizing - bigger is always better...
Asian Fit helmet and goggles - the Chinese market is growing rapidly with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics looming; their new distribution partner in Beijing has placed a phenomenal order for their Asian fit gear!
Shockwave Bluetooth Integration - the Shockwave Bluetooth kit will give Ruroc riders access to music whilst they ride
Easier mask clipping system - simplicity is key - their new spring-loaded clips make the high-impact mask even easier to attach and remove
Improved comfort liner - a colour matched comfort liner with an antibacterial coating as standard will be coming with all RG-1 and RG1-X helmets from September 2016
Reinforced mask - a protective foam insert will increase the safety and comfort of the face masks
Enhanced user experience - with a welcome pack in 5 different languages, a Ruroc helmet shaped key ring, epic stickers and a protective helmet bag, the unboxing experience, with countless online videos, will now be better than ever


The team at Ruroc are young, hungry and dedicated to growing the company to its full potential. Below are two examples of brands in their market who have achieved fantastic results from exits, ranging from a $65m+ exit to a $600m exit.

POC Sports - $65m -

Volcom - $600m -

While those exits are undoubtedly exciting, Ruroc understands that some investors may look for shorter 3-5 year exit plans. In the shorter 3-5 year term, Ruroc intends to bring in experience from private equity investors, thus hoping to be able to give early investors the opportunity to sell their shares and creating an earlier exit. This cannot be guaranteed and are based on indicative plans.


Equity - product type
£ 400k
£ 359k
Est close date
Funded 5 years ago in 204 days

Where will the funds go?

New motorcycle helmet tooling
DOT helmet launch marketing
Shockwaveâ„¢ bluetooth brand development
Patent and Design rights
New trademarks
Working Capital
New product development
Loan refinancing

Key people

Daniel Rees
Stu Worgan
Paul Smythe
Warwick Nash
Dan Tapson
Alex Garfitt
Dr. Ali Rabiee
PHD Adavanced, Composite Research
Jonathon Wackett
Board Advisor
Red cup

Investor rewards

Join the Ruroc Crew

If you invest £100 - £499
Get listed on our new website as a respected Ruroc Alumni

Get Kitted

If you invest £500 - £999
25% off for 3 years! *excludes sale periods

Ruroc Yourself Out

If you invest £1,000 - £1,999
40% off for 3 years + 25% off any time for as long as you hold shares *excludes sale periods

The FREE Helmet Level

If you invest £2,000 - £4,999
Free RG1-DX (the new Ruroc bluetooth adaptable helmet) + 25% off any time for as long as you hold shares *excludes sale periods and limited editions

A FREE Helmet with Shockwave Audio! + Vote

If you invest £5,000 - £9,999
Have Ruroc voting rights, and a RG1-DX with the Shockwave bluetooth system + 25% off any time for as long as you hold shares *excludes sale periods and limited editions

FREE Limited Edition Helmet + Vote

If you invest £10,000 - £14,999
Have voting rights and shape our products, and a Limited Edition RG1-DX with Shockwave + 35% off any time for as long as you hold shares *excludes sale periods

Gear up your crew with 5 FREE Helmets + Vote

If you invest £15,000 - £49,999
Have voting rights attached to your shares and help shape product design, and kit out your crew with 5 free helmets and one Shockwave system + 35% off any time for as long as you hold shares *excludes sale periods

Join the Ruroc Photoshoot with 5 Helmets + Vote

If you invest £50,000 - £99,999
Come on our next photoshoot with £1,500 of expenses.  Kit out your crew with 5 free helmets and one Shockwave system attached + 50% off all Ruroc gear for as long as you hold shares *excludes sale periods

X-Games, ISPO trip, photoshoot, 5 Helmets! + Vote

If you invest £100,000 - £400,000
Join our photoshoot and next ISPO trade show in Munich with £1,500 expenses each. Get 2 tickets to the next X-games.  Get 5 Limited Edition RG1-DX helmets all with Shockwave and cost price Ruroc gear for as long as you hold shares *excludes sale periods

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