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Ruroc's vision is to increase action, gravity, power, and winter sports participation by re-engineering protection for enhanced style and safety. Worn by athletes at the highest levels, and renowned for their presence in the pit lanes of Formula One, Ruroc are looking to accelerate their growth in multiple new markets. If you want to become part of one of the fastest growing action sports brands in the world, here is your chance! Pledge funds today and help take Ruroc to the next level.

To construct the most insane gear that enhances protection in extreme environments

Welcome to the future of action sports protection! We are market leaders in offering stylish and cutting-edge product solutions for extreme sportsmen and sportswomen, which fall under the three categories of impact: helmets and body armour; optics: googles and sunglasses; and elements: tech apparel for warm and cold climates.

We are proud to be the creators of the world's first fully integrated ski helmet, goggles, and mask. Our flagship product is the RG-1 model, which, along with other exciting products, have undergone a re-engineering process to ensure that they continue to represent our forward-thinking attitude. A feature unique to our helmets and googles that has proved to be a huge hit is our Magloc ventilation system with patented RAID technology, the only system on the market to combat goggle fog. Continually looking to keep up with the fast-paced world of action sport, we have developed a Shockwave Bluetooth Audio system compatible with our helmets.

It's been an exciting time for us as a business expanding globally, and it wouldn't be possible without our team's— ambassadors, clients, sponsors, and customers— support. The reputation of our top-quality products paired with our large and dynamic social media following allows us to build relationships with some fantastic people. Our most recent success is represented in the current Winter Olympics, with two of our sponsors, Max Parrot and Regino Hernandez, winning medals so far— we've got our fingers crossed for the rest!

If you invest in us today, you too could join our team: our Investor Wall of Fame is ever-growing! Take a look at the amazing awards we have on offer below. With the money raised, we have big plans to buy a new warehouse and expand our office site, as well as a new 3D printer to assist with product design.


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£ 95k
£ 116k
Estimated close date
Funded 5 months ago in 37 days

Where will the funds go?

New warehouse and office refurbishment
Product development
Stock purchase
Working capital

Key people

Daniel Rees
Managing Director
Luke Ashley
Operations Manager
Jamie Pates
Web Development Manager
Matthew Rees
Head of Brand Strategy
Wayne Rees
Head of Sales
Bridget Rees
Chief Administrative Officer
Red cup

Investor rewards

Join the team

If you invest £0-1,999
Name included on our Investor Wall of Fame; 25% discount (excluding sales)

Gear up

If you invest £2,000 - £2,999
Wall of Fame; 25% discount; a RG1-DX helmet of your choice (excluding shade series and limited editions)

Check out the range

If you invest £3,000 - £5,999
Wall of Fame; 25% discount; any RG1-DX helmet of your choice

Treat a mate

If you invest £6,000 - £12,999
Wall of Fame; 25% discount; x2 RG1-DX helmets

Three times as cool

If you invest £13,000 - £19,999
Wall of Fame; 35% discount; x3 RG1-DX helmets

Kit out the squad

If you invest £20,000 - £49,999
Wall of Fame; 35% discount; x4 RG1-DX helmets

Access all areas

If you invest £50,000+
Wall of Fame; Ruroc Black Card Access - 50% off all gear until the loan is repaid in full (up to $2500 RRP per calendar year)

A. Hi Max - the 2017/18 £3.5m year shown is 10 months complete. The financial year end is April 30th so we're extremely confident of those numbers. The 2018/19 forecast is for £7m with just over £1m in net profit. If you'd like to see further forecasts please email me at and I can send over the detailed P&L.

A. Hi Max - I've just looked into this and the business plan link seems to be downloading our parent company's filed accounts, as opposed to our trading company's accounts. I've asked C2F to change this. The 2016/17 turnover was £2.1m with approx £180k profit.

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"To construct the most insane gear that enhances protection in extreme environments"

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