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With over 18 years of experience, RSM Commercial Maintenance provide installations and project management nationwide. From shop fitting to mezzanine flooring, racking supply and general maintenance, RSM combine high quality service and safety regulations with a tailored approach to minimise disruption to their clients. With the funds raised, they will further expand their range of services to take their business to the next level.

Nationwide installation services built with the client in mind

Here at RSM Commercial Maintenance, we're a family-run business specialising in providing and managing construction services across the nation. We work to meet the needs of our clients with minimal disruption, allowing them to focus on other things safe in the knowledge that we will handle everything, from scoping to completion. We cover a variety of services including: shop fitting, mezzanine flooring, racking supply, and storage systems. In addition, we provide site and project management, as well as general maintenance for commercial spaces.

We work hard to ensure our outputs are to the highest possible standard, and this includes our customer service. Our process is built with the client in mind, and we can accommodate demanding requirements. Health and safety is also something we value so our team members are all certifies with SMSTS and SEIRS qualifications, alongside Access Machinery Licenses, first aid knowledge, and more.

With over 18 years of experience, we know what it takes to succeed in our industry. To take our business to the next level, we will use the money raised in this campaign to extend the list of services we provide. This would progress the business into the ‘Principle Contractor’ role. At the moment, we're having to turn jobs down but, going forwards, we aim to obtain a larger workforce and commit to these.


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£ 53k
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Katherine Woodcock
Russell Mace

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A. Hi Adam, TDB Consulting was a company that I built with my ex-partner. I resigned when we parted ways 8 years ago and the company became Simplicity4 and now Fourth Pillar/Start Succeed.

A. All of our main installers are qualified at various levels. For additional works where we require other trade skills, such as electricians or carpentry, we subcontract to companies, all of which we have long relationships with.

A. Russell (Director) has been installing for around 19 years to date. Our other installers all have several years experience, varying from 20 years to 3 years.

A. Hi again Alan, we are finding that because the company is listed as 'construction' and because we are not homeowners, that we are struggling to get help to grow. Our main customers are major blue chip companies, which we have extremely trusting and fruitful relationships with, so it is frustrating.

A. Good evening, we currently have twelve installers in our team, all of which have history with us prior to setting up our business.

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"Nationwide installation services built with the client in mind"

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