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RRT (UK) are setting new industry standards with their alloy wheel refurbishment services. Using their bespoke facilities in Bedfordshire, they champion quality and environmentally-friendly policies, allowing them to stand out from the competition. Further to their previous raise, RRT will use the funds raised to further expand their business and continue to pioneer their sector with the aim of becoming the UK leader.

Pioneering quality and environmentally-friendly wheel refurbishment

Here at RRT (UK), we are committed to leading our industry. We specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment, painting, and OEM refinishing, which is historically dominated by mobile operatives. One of the things that makes us stand out, then, are our bespoke warehouses and facilities. We have two warehouses for our refurbishments, one for preparation - the 'dirty' work - and one for the 'clean' work of finishing and quality control. This enables us to achieve a superior finish as it eliminates any airborne particulate contamination.

All our facilities and services are designed to exceed industry regulations - in fact, we are one of only two wheel refurbishment services providers in the UK that are fully UKAS accredited to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard, and we are working towards achieving ISO 140001:2015, Environmental Management Certification, in the near future. We're very conscious of our industry's impact on the environment and are actively working to minimise this. We keep emissions and waste to an absolute minimum and ensure our staff are correctly trained to bear this in mind.

We place a 12 month warranty on our workmanship and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, which has allowed us to establish a strong reputation. We're returning to Crowd2Fund to raise further funds following a successful previous raise, to continue our growth. Therefore, the money raised will be used to enable the smooth running and improvement of our services as we strive to become the UK market leaders.


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Timothy Brewer
Production Director
Adrian King-Scott
Business Development Director
Dominic Gross

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"Pioneering quality and environmentally-friendly wheel refurbishment"

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