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Rouge Boutiques Inverness is your one-stop-shop for all things occasion wear, located in the heart of the Highlands of Inverness. As an award-winning luxury ladies boutique, they stock a selection of highly regarded designer wedding wear, casual wear, and everything in-between. This also includes lingerie, making Rouge Boutiques Inverness the first boutique of its kind to have a dedicated lingerie department. They are returning to Crowd2Fund to raise funds to extend and refurbish their shop.

The one-stop-shop for all things occasion wear

Rouge Boutiques Inverness is a ladies boutique specialising in occasion wear, established by our founder, Tania, who has over 10 years of experience as a trained stylist and colour specialist. We stock day and evening looks, formal and casual, as well as a range of shoes, bags, hats, and bespoke fascinators to top off your outfit. Our exquisite clothing is designed by labels such as Condici, Ispirato, John Charles, and The Shirt Company; lingerie from Panache, Fantasie, and Chantelle, to name a few.

Our location in Inverness is situated in a prime position to attract a large footfall and has a monopoly of the market. This is our second location, the first being in Kirkcaldy, which successfully ran for 8 years previously. As the first occasion boutique in Scotland to have a dedicated lingerie department, we can literally dress our customers from head to toe! This, paired with our luxury shopping experience, led us to become an award-winning boutique, shortlisted most recently for the Scottish VOWS Awards 2018 for Best Wedding Outfitter.

Having raised with Crowd2Fund a year ago, we have returned to begin the next phase of our growth. We have big plans to extend and refurbish the shop, in order to make the most of our space, to showcase the products in the best possible way, and eventually increase our stock intake. For the past two years, we have been increasing our buying budget; now, we are raising money to facilitate the extension.


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£ 40k
£ 40k
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Funded 2 months ago in 28 days

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Shop extension

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Tania Korad-Kennedy

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A. We increased the stock to offer a bigger selection. The stock was increased to more than our normal buying budget which is calculated on historic sales. We did not sell everything extra which we did not expect to do as we needed to build up more of a selection. It was an exercise to increase stock, therefore selection for people travelling further. To help make us the largest stockist. If we sold everything extra ordered we would remain the same. I hope this makes sense :)

A. I did see that when the campaign became live. I have no clue why that might be. It is something that maybe I need to have a look into to get clarity on. Thanks

A. Hi I do not think the castle will be converted to a hotel or restaurant. It is my understanding that is will be changed into a tourist spot with cafes. Whilst in the past we have tried to incorporate tourist trade we are more specialised and occasionally have a tourist shopping with us but that is not our market. We have a guest house and holiday home and market the shop through these but again it does not attract much business.

A. We have connections with lots of businesses in town and network with businesses out with when we are wedding fayres etc. So we have a good coverage of people recommending us, even other boutiques will recommend us. People from London are ladies often of hen weekends or with daughters in the area.

A. Yes that is the only reason I am doing it. I purchased the shop in August last year so I have invested in the business financially to allow me to make the changes to improve and increase the business.

A. We have a website and are planning on putting Lingerie and lower priced items on. The website is new in the last six months and the part needed for the shop is waiting to be added we just need to be ready to implement it in store. We would never sell our higher priced items on line due to cost. Customers travel from the west and east coast of Scotland, the Islands and the south of Scotland, occasionally from London area too

A. Two payments to Crowd 2 Fund and that is it.

A. The GP is down because we increased our buying budget and in effect stock to give our customer more of a selection in store. Turnover in the current year is up by around 20K plus so the increase in stock is paying of however I have decreased the buying by around 15K in this season so as not to have too much excess. Try to get the balance between enough to over a good selection and save people a long journey or travelling out of town to not having too much. A fine line but mange not too badly.

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"The one-stop-shop for all things occasion wear"

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