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Rochvilles & Co. Accountants bring a high level of expertise in business and personal finance. Fully accredited and recognised by numerous well-regarded bodies including the Association of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of International Accountants, their wide range of services aim to cover all your needs, from payroll to mortgages, VAT to starting a business. Rochvilles & Co. will use the funds raised to relocate and kit out a new, more modern office.

Taking the hassle out of finance

Rochvilles & Co. Accountants is a chartered management consultancy and accountancy, offering the best in consultancy services in London and Essex. We provide a one-stop-shop for quick responses to payroll problems, tax investigations, and much more. Further in our arsenal is residential and commercial mortgages, contractor and umbrella services, and due diligence. For our excellent services and expert team, we have received numerous accreditations, including authorisation from the Association of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of International Accountants. For more accreditation, see the images below.

We know that careful planning and management can save companies a lot of money. There are many stresses directors undergo, so we aim to help, whether the business is newly formed or well-established. For example, payroll can be complex and you can even face charges if it's done incorrectly; while you focus on running your enterprise, you can be assured that we, the professionals, are taking care of it in an efficient and compliant manner. To make such information more accessible, we have a handy 'tax tips' section free on our website, available for all.

As we continue to grow our company, we've recognised the need to relocate to a more modern premises. Therefore, we will use the funds raised in this campaign to aid our move to our new, recently purchased office and allow us to fully set up by purchasing new equipment. With your investment, we can successfully enter into the next stage of our business plan.


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£ 32k
£ 32k
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Set up new office

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Dr Marcelli Oguh

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A. political actvities are mainly every four years in nigeria, moreover i have a very dedicated teams and a team leader who runs the business as her own whether iam present or not, she joined the firm as a trainee over the years she has become an astute manager with or without me.

A. currently we have 6 full time staff 3 part time accounting student and a tax consultant who is self employed.

A. we are currently leasing a new property in which the lease is not signed yet, we are hoping to complete the process by end of the month or first week of june, at moment the we operate from a service office

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"Taking the hassle out of finance"

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