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Capital at risk
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Our team helps clients through a wide range of products and services, stemming from a group of members who carry years of experience in the print, media, and marketing business. Through you funding we aim to clear a significant portion of our debt book to allow us to further help people find the perfect solution to their printing needs.

Excellence in Print Provision

At Ro-Am, we believe that the reputation that we have built as one of the nation's leading providers of effective and low-cost printing solutions, has come not only from the wealth of experience within our team but through the attention that we pay to both the detail of our products and the unique characteristics of every business that we partner with.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest in printing and design technology, we help our clients at each stage of the process, from conceptualising their designs through to the final realisation of their goals with each result we achieve tailored to the particular client's budget, requirements, and vision.

The results of our expertise come in all shapes and sizes, with us allowing clients to impress at exhibitions through our high-quality business cards, A5 booklets, and rolling banners; to wowing passers by with our 60x40 inch rigid media printed on sturdy, hard-wearing boards to allow our clients to flaunt their business on a grander scale.

With this campaign, we want to clear a portion of our debt book, so further stabilise our business and satisfy even more clients with our bespoke printing solutions.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 54k
£ 54k
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Funded 10 months ago in 3 days

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Ross Venables

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"Excellence in Print Provision"

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