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Providing in-depth expertise on investment accounts for clients, RJBCO trading under the name of Good Money Guide, is a comparison website company that works with people not only based in the UK but Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia. Their thorough guides, client reviews, interviews, news and views aim to connect clients to the most appropriate financial service provider so they can make the most out of their money. As they continue to expand, they will be using the funds raised for working capital, marketing and authorisation with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to expand their services.

Expert comparisons to create a more educated generation.

At Good Money Guide, we aim to guide our clients to the best providers to service all their needs for their investment accounts. To ensure this, we provide in-depth guides, client reviews, interviews, news and views to connect them to the best financial service provider.

Our guide is London based, and as well as trading for clients in London, we trade for other regions such as Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia. We have two decades of experience in the investment industry and through our network of experts, analysts, and comparison tools we believe that we are paving the way to create a more educated generation. Our comparison features are a quick way to save our clients’ time in choosing a financial provider.

We keep transparent about how we make money and have listed this on our website. We care about our clients and like to keep ourselves as honest as possible to ensure that our clients have full trust in our services. Our objective is to be balanced, and champion providers that excel in customer service and innovation.

We are so proud of how far we have come in this journey of ours as a business, and our passion continues to grow in this industry. As we continue to expand to meet the needs of our customers, we will be raising funds for working capital, marketing and authorisation with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to expand their services.

Private investment online trading has grown during the pandemic due to market volatility or to boost investors savings. With more sophisticated platforms designed to educate and give access to more investors, it is predicted that this sector will continue to grow.

Credit Risk Comment:
The directors are providing a personal guarantee - this means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. The director is a homeowner, however, this does not ensure there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
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Funded 11 months ago in 14 days

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"Expert comparisons to create a more educated generation."

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Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Your capital invested is not covered for compensation in the event of a loss by the FSCS. Tax treatment will depend on the individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Please see our Risk section before making an investment decision.