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Riviera Drinks Co supply premium soft drink syrups, as well as installing the equipment needed to dispense the syrups on-tap, to bars all over the UK, from Inverness to Penzance. Having just launched a new range of cocktail syrups and liqueurs in the chain Turtle Bay they are raising funds to invest in marketing and new equipment.

Dispensing quality.

Riviera Drinks Co is one of the fastest-growing soft-drinks dispense companies in the UK. Founded in 2011, with over 45 years of experience between us, we set out to provide premium, great tasting soft drinks and dispensers, at a good price, to bars throughout the UK. We install and offer maintenance for the dispensing systems and have a wide network of wholesalers supplying our range of soft drinks, including our own-brand cola, diet cola, lemonade, tonic, orange and cranberry juice.

We have clients from Inverness to Penzance & most areas in between. They range from community pubs to national nightclub chains, from fast-food restaurants to exclusive gastro-pubs & from huge 24-hour casinos to seasonal holiday parks! All our clients have a shared passion to attain both quality & value from their soft-drinks range.

We recently launched a brand new range of cocktail syrups and liqueurs in the chain Turtle Bay and are planning to invest in its promotion, as well as updating our website. We will also use the money raised to invest in a new shrink wrapper and bottle washer, to help increase our capacity.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 100k
£ 38k
Estimated close date
15d 8h

Where will the funds go?

New equipment
Website development

Key people

Stuart Charles Davis
Andrew Neil Howe

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A. Hi Ellis, Standy Holdings Ltd, Riviera drinks Ltd, Riverside Bottling Ltd and Anglo Drinks Ltd.
Year ending Sept 2018 Consolidated Net Profit £142k and Consolidated net equity £325K

A. Sorry they have not been finalised yet as our year end was end Sept 2019, but as a guide Turnover in Riviera is up 8% and Operating Profit in Riviera is up 40%.

A. Riviera is the Trading company where all the sales are made and where the new products sit.

A. We have just come to our year end (End September) so all the accounts are being finalised as we speak. but in answer to your question group turnover will be up slightly and Operating profit is up. We have just launched 16 new products (Syrups, Liqueurs and Juice) which are being phased into Turtle Bay from the beginning of November 2019 and we are having a lot of interest from our other customers for this range so we are keen to promote it via trade shows, industry press and a new website.

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"Dispensing quality."

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