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Remote Software Solutions are a vibrant, dynamic, multi-functional team that operates on a global model and is dedicated to providing high quality IT solutions to our clients. With your funding, we are looking to purchase two IT services companies, both which provide similar services to ours, which will allow us to grow and help even more clients improve internal business processes.

Delivering real value to your business

Working alongside a strong partner network over the last 10 years, Remote Software Solutions has helped create, evolve and implement IT strategies for over 100 clients in the UK and India. We strive to be a a dynamic consulting company offering infrastructure, software and development support. We deliver quality products and services to clients globally, offering corporate and individual solutions based on best of breed technologies and methodologies.

Our clients can be provided with the bespoke software they require to help them compete in a mobile world. Our products are designed to help our clients' customers have a positive experience, based on our clients' ability to choose business practices that suit them through our business models that focus on core activities for each business.

The solutions that we build for our clients can cover an array of everyday issues. These include creating a near-paperless environment through affordable and efficient document management, ensuring that our clients avoid the challenges that evolve from the increasing complexity of business environments, and improving workflow through Business Process Management.

With your funding, we are aiming to provide even more high-quality services to businesses in the UK and India through an acquisition of a new IT service company, which will allow us to grow our service areas, and confidently expand our portfolio through new clients.

The first business, founded in 2001, specialises in proactive management and support of IT systems. They enable 24 hour e-mail filtering, anti-virus and DR solutions, system monitoring and backup, website design, cloud-hosted features and project consultancy/management services, to name a few.

The second business, founded in 2003, provides IT support, security, solutions and e-learning for SMEs in all sectors.

Acquiring the aforementioned businesses will enable us to fairly easily and confidently expand our portfolio with new clients, simultaneously vastly broadening our service areas and, therefore, connect to more businesses. We believe this approach is a logical and relatively smooth way for Remote Services to grow without radical overhaul of our current processes and services.


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£ 157k
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Growth through business acquisition

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A. Hi Adrian

Thanks for getting in touch.
We specialise in Software services and development and also have a thriving IT infrastructure service arm. So our acquisition targets are software and IT infrastructure companies. We have strong capability and a scalable workforce that run a 365x24x7 model so are strongly positioned to support and manage the expansion. Our Lawyers specialize in M&A and will ensure client loss is protected in our purchase agreement. Thank you for your support.

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"Delivering real value to your business"

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