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Red Box build and manage beautiful websites, with a full suite of web and marketing add-ons, for businesses across Staffordshire on a pay-monthly basis, making a great online presence simple and cost-effective. Their innovative package “Red Box All-In” is proving very popular, so with the funds raised they will be consolidating loans to enable them to hire their next staff member to keep up with demand.

The simple route to an on-brand, affordable and results-driven presence online.

Red Box was launched 13 years ago to equip local businesses in Staffordshire with professional and well-managed websites. We've spent years working with local businesses developing a curated range of pay-monthly website packages, making it simple and straightforward. By choosing a pay-monthly model, it is more affordable for our clients and creates a reliable income stream for us.

We’re trusted by 100's of businesses across Staffordshire and have built a reputation as a dedicated team, who understand business and know small-business owners haven't got loads of time to dedicate to getting a website built. We make it easy and stress-free by offering three, all-inclusive design and management packages for different size business, with add-ons such as PPC, SEO and social media management.

Our package for midsize businesses, called “Red Box All-In” has been proving very popular, so we are keen to be able to take on more clients for this service. With the funds raised, we will be consolidating past loans and freeing up capital to hire a new team member, which will allow us to keep up with growing demand.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
£ 23k
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18d 9h

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Loan consolidation

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Robert Mackley

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A. Certainly, here's a link to the portfolio page of our website with examples on

A. I'd imagine they're going off FY18's accounts. FY19 has seen a nice profit but this won't show in Equifax until we've submitted FY19's accounts.

A. Yes, FY19 has seen a nice profit and we've just had another record month. The loss in FY18 was funded by the loans that we're now looking to consolidating.

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"The simple route to an on-brand, affordable and results-driven presence online."

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