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Ransley Hay has more than 35 years of personally selecting the very best Hay products from the UK, Europe, Canada and the US. They supply hay to leading industry professionals throughout the UK, Ireland and the UAE. Currently seeking funds for stock and expansion.

Supplying high- quality hay consistently through our robust and established network.

We’ve been supplying quality hay for over 30 years to leading professionals internationally. We now have offices in the UK, Ireland and the UAE. With our global network of suppliers, we are able to offer the most comprehensive and extensive range of premium grade hay, straw and haylage products to suit a range of requirements.

We understand that feeding high-quality long fibre forage is the natural way to promote a healthy digestive system for horses; helping to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers, colic and other related problems whilst generally supporting good health and performance. Supplying high- quality hay consistently through our robust and established network ensures an undisturbed diet. We are continually researching new products and technology that will help deliver improved efficiency, performance and wellbeing.

At Ransley Hay, we’ve built a reputation of reliability by offering a flexible and efficient delivery service, using our own lorries with truck mounted forklifts where necessary. This enables us to accommodate most orders regardless of site and location. As we enter a phase of expansion, we are seeking funds for stock and expansion.

Credit commentary:
The directors are providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails, the directors become personally liable for the loan. The directors are homeowners, however this does not ensure there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors. The Equifax score and grade, on which we base our assessment of risk, are based on the 2021 accounts. We have performed our assessment on recent financial information, including 2022 management accounts, which were not available to Equifax. As of February 2022, the management accounts show that the year to date net profit was £97,634 and net equity was £274,972. The bank statements demonstrate reasonable affordability and the accounts remain well in credit.

Inflation risk:
The company has been affected to a small degree by higher energy costs related to their Processing Facility. However, this is just one element of their business, so it does not have a significant impact overall. Their raw material costs are something that fluctuate up and down in any given year and are affected mostly by harvest conditions, so this is something that they are used to managing. For example, this year, the costs are almost exactly the same as the previous 12 months, and pricing with all of their core suppliers has already been set for the coming 12 months. As the majority of lending to the business is at a fixed rate, they will not be immediately affected by interest rate increases. The company advised that they do not foresee any significant affects to their business due to rising inflation. In fact, due to the current weakness of the Sterling, the bloodstock sales at Tattersalls in Newmarket have attracted many overseas buyers – many new to the industry – who will have the horses trained in the UK. Thus, in some ways, the industry has been strengthened by investors who see the current situation as an opportunity.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 205k
£ 20k
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Funded 10 months ago in 29 days

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"Supplying high- quality hay consistently through our robust and established network."

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