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Pure Forest Energy spreads a message of sustainability and kindness around the world. Advocating fair practice in the honey industry, they're making an impact by working with key federations. As a major supplier, they deal in hundreds of metric tonnes of pure, natural honey in wholesale. Now planning to take these products to the retail market, Pure Forest Energy will use the money raised to fund their expansion, tackling branding, product development, increasing their online presence, and a new office.

Kind to bees, kind to the forest, kind to communities

At Pure Forest Energy our aim is simple: to provide forest communities with support and fair value to enable them to trade natural honey internationally. Beekeeping is an important part of a balanced ecosystem, not only helping to maintain the rural and forest environments, but providing a livelihood for thousands of families. The production of seeds, nuts, plus many fruits and vegetables relies on bees, which are currently under threat due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

We therefore pioneer ethical and sustainable beekeeping practice globally, working with federations and the Honey Authenticity Project. Our director, Mark, has been involved in environmental issues and beekeeping for more than 25 years. As major honey suppliers, we trade in hundreds of metric tonnes of pure honey and sell in wholesale. We're adding to this by introducing a range of honeys and honey-based nutrition and healthcare products, which includes pure honeys; royal jelly, propolis, and pollen; honey-dried tropical fruits; and honey-infused snacks and yoghurts.

We're raising funds to continue our business expansion, which we plan to achieve by developing our branding and subsequently our printing and packaging. In addition to this, we'll use the money raised to update our website and increase our social media presence, further develop our new products, and relocate to a new office.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
£ 50k
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Funded 8 months ago in 21 days

Where will the funds go?

Branding, design and print
New office
Product development
PR and social media
Website development

Key people

Mark Woodward
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Investor rewards

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If you invest £100+
Complimentary jar of honey

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A. Hi Guido Thanks for the message, yes you will receive a jr for each £100 invested, there are some mechanicals to work on as I am not able to send to you direct. It has to come through crowd2fund or via a voucher at a retailer. There have been quite a few delays and the new crop should be with us in April/ May.

A. Hi Gerard. The payment was taken from our account on the 9th October, I don't know the mechanism that gets the distribution to you. The Company didn't receive funds from the raise until the 22nd Sept so whether that has anything to do with it I don't know.

A. Hi Rebecca , w are looking at various methods i clouding a voucher to collect at a big retailer we are talking to. If that proves to be too complicated we they will be sent well packaged by our fulfilment agent in near Godalming.

A. June accounts figures as follows: Assets = Stock £60,750 + Debtors £367,508 (LOCs in place) + cash £239,468. Liabilities: Trade Creditors £440,291 + Corporation Tax £39,000 + Other creditors £24,124 + Accruals £15,500. Since then, payments to suppliers result in cash down & creditors down.

On train at moment!.. hope that answers.

A. Good question! I was shocked by that as I personally have a credit score of 978 out of 999 on Experian. I discussed this with the Crowd2fund and the message back from the underwriters is that credit score is the company's not mine. The company was in a negative territory with last filed accounts, latest accounts prepared by Crowe are not available for credit scoring purposes until filed.

A. The previous questioner correctly suggested that margins are very thin with white label supplies. We are not dismissing that completely as some recent discussions have been quite interesting, however our focus is on building our own brand.

A. Hi Michael

Thanks for your question. .
We focus on all the scientific and legal definitions of purity and traceability together with a link directly back to the origin / honey landscape. Forest honeys tend to be more organic and darker in colour (more popular in Germany than here) yes there are probably many results on Google. Pure Forest is the Company name not necessarily the brand we are working on. Sorry I just had to cut down my answer from 2000 words!

A. Hi Golnar

Thanks for your question. We are in discussions relative to several avenues including supplying white label. It is commercially sensitive at the moment so I hope you understand. I guess you are honey lovers and as I have a son who is an undergraduate at Cambridge, I am there from time to time so I would be happy to bring you a sample & discuss with Jakob and yourself.

A. Yes all honey this year is from Mexico area, some from Yucatan peninsula, some from Veracruz and what they call a Creamy Highland honey from the north of Mexico.

A. All from Mexico this year, but looking to Argentina as well for next year.

A. I held a fixed and floating charge/debenture of £70k over East West. I appointed David Rubin and partners as administrators in an attempt to recover the monies. All the directors were uncooperative with the Administrators and my wife and I stepped in stepped to try and rescue the school. The ex directors were reported to the police as considerable funds could not be accounted for.

A. The only company that is active is Kiss In Sterling Silver Ltd. It is a mail order jewellery website run by my wife. Bewdley 100 is being solvently dissolved and It Knows Limited's accounts are being filed, I spend no time on this company but it is worth keeping it alive as it has a legal claim against a software developer.

A. The Company only operated for 7 months and turned over £1.5m There was not sufficient margin in some of those trades but we have been sharper this year. The Company's accountants prepared the current years management accounts and yes, turnover will be lower.

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"Kind to bees, kind to the forest, kind to communities"

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