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Project Gurus are project consultants, with a wealth of experience and expertise, who help businesses stay competitive by analysing and updating their systems. They have taken on impressive projects, such as integrating all the IT services of the Ministry of Justice and redesigning the cloud-based cybersecurity of Cisco Systems and implementing it seamlessly. With the funds raised, they will be finding and hiring a new associate, with an equally high-level of experience, to expand the business.

We make your projects our business.

Project Gurus was founded by Garry Tonner in 2010, drawing on his award-winning career in both the British and US Governments. He is an authority in the field, with numerous certifications including PMP, AWS Cloud and Prince 2, along with Agile Programme Management certification and has since brought together a concentrated team of experts. We understand change is not always easy for businesses, so for almost a decade we have been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to how make a business a success.

We offer a select range of services, including full lifecycle project management and advising on how to simplify portfolios, programmes and projects, making use of our industry experience. We also help businesses transform to be more digitally accessible. For example, we helped Ernst & Young transition their current network to allow for improvements in their interactions with end clients and we assisted British Airways in delivering their website and digital application projects.

As a consultancy, our associates are the core of what we offer. To grow the business and take on more and larger projects we are looking to hire a new associate. For us, it is essential that we hire the right person, so the funds will also enable us to invest in finding and hiring a true guru in the industry.


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Gary Campbell Tonner

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A. Hi Alan, if you mean running/operational costs they were 54K last year.

A. Hi Mathew,
Per my earlier response, we have four PMs we can call on. We do not have these guys with us full time. They can come into cover a piece of work or provide support with documentation. Last year this totalled 13K in running costs. The previous year it was around 20K and the year before that 50K. In the next year we are booking 135 hours a week on one project. This is obviously more than one consultant can handle and therefore we need a specialist AV person to cover this.

A. Hi Matthew,
We have a pool of four collaborative professional PMs but we have to look at the requirements for the roles. In this case we are looking for more AV delivery experience to supplement the expertise we have already. The number of rooms that are in scope of this particular programme means that we need additional quality on-board.

A. Hi Colin, part of our KSP is that we are the same as larger consultancies but do not charge the highest rates. We want highly experienced PgM Professionals who have worked across multiple sectors and organisations. We're finding we are now in high demand and need a small injection , as it is known that we can deliver the same value as our competitors, who basically hire the same people for huge margins. We need to ramp up for a huge hour increase for large delivery of teleconferencing rooms.

A. All of those elements. We want the best experienced consultants that match the pipeline.

A. Hi Jakob, yes we provide consultants through Project Gurus. This means that I can work through a programme or set up a programme through consultancy pre sales solely or engage a team to deliver. We have pipeline hours that means growth to 3-5 PMs so we need initial onboarding for them, hence the funding. We are highly skilled and experienced and look for similar consultants that can provide clients with an impact to improve delivery of programme benefits.

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"We make your projects our business."

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