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Prees Village Stores, trading as Rujia, is a family-run business that specialises in gift sets and personalised confectionary to mail order. They stock well-known brands such as Mars, Nestle, Ferrero Rocher, Coca Cola, Cadbury, and Walkers, which they distribute from their warehouse in Wolverhampton and deliver across the UK and Ireland. As one of Groupon’s top merchants in food and beverage and Amazon Prime sellers, Rujia are raising funds to increase their warehouse storage, hire additional staff, and purchase more stock.

Adding a personal touch

At Prees Village Stores, trading under the name of Rujia, we believe in adding a personal touch to your gifts. No matter what the occasion, we have a selection of unique and fun gifts to choose from, including home and gifting brands, food and beverage brands as well as apparel. Our personalisation service incorporates the finest quality confectionary and the biggest brand names, like Cadbury and Toblerone. We operate from our head office in London, and have a 40,000 sqft warehouse based in Wolverhampton, from which we distribute our orders across the UK and Ireland.

Having sourced our products direct from suppliers, we then work with Amazon on a “Fulfilment by Amazon” basis, where we send products to their warehouse and they sell it on throughout the UK and EU – this generates a lot of sales as Amazon Prime has over 1 million customers. In addition, we sell on daily discount websites, such as Groupon, Wowcher, Living Social, and Go Groopie. Our biggest account is on Groupon, and we are their top merchant on children’s apparel plus food and beverage.

We aim to achieve our next-phase plans, which will be aided by the money raised in this campaign. This will go toward improving the racking space in our warehouse, hiring further staff, and of course buying more stock to increase our portfolio of products as we prepare for our contracts with Amazon and Groupon.

You can view our Amazon page here:

And some examples of our Groupon products: - this deal has done this in 2 days of going live


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£ 50k
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Funded 3 months ago in 19 days

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this is our store front

A. Hi
we are about to list all the xmas lines with in 10/14 days as they will be available from September 2019 also the website is also in the process of having a complete makeover ! we also sell high volumes on third party websites .

A. Hi we took on a extra 10,000 sq ft of warehouse space so cost went up and we cut back on some product lines to focus more this year on food and drink !

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