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Positive Mind Space, trading as 39A, run private therapy rooms in an elegant shared workspace, with the aim of creating the most tranquil working environment possible. All rental rooms are fully-equipped to maximise discretion and comfort, with their own state-of-the-art technology to make the booking and payment service stress-free for freelancers in all types of therapy, from psychotherapy to physiotherapy. The funds raised will be used to relocate to a larger premises due to increasing demand, allowing the business to grow.

A tranquil space to work

At Positive Mind Space, trading as 39A, we offer the perfect environment for independent professionals in the non-beauty therapy industry. This includes psychologists and psychotherapists, consultants and counsellors, sports masseuses and physiotherapists, all growing industries as more doctors and professionals are moving into private practices as NHS waiting lists increase. Our welcoming treatment rooms are based in Warwickshire and surpass all levels of discretion and convenience from those of our competitors. Our rooms are fully-equipped with iPads, sound-proof systems, and refreshments to ensure comfort for both therapist and patient. There is a secure entry system and relaxing client lounge with atmosphere-enhancing audio for all members to use.

We're a dynamic business and know that our freelance clients need the stress taken out of leasing an office. We have our own payment system for our therapists to use, created via our bespoke 39A software. Similarly, room bookings are made online, meaning they're flexible to suit independent schedules. We're transparent with our clients: as well as permanent rental rooms, we also have rooms that operate on an ad-hoc, pay-as-you-go hourly basis, meaning we don't charge for a room that's not in use.

Having successfully established ourselves, we now want to take the next step for our business by upgrading our premises. Currently, we have 6 rooms available to hire and have reached our maximum capacity; with our new premises, we will have 30, which will enable us to accommodate growing demand. With the funds raised in this campaign, then, we will facilitate this relocation and set up furniture and fixtures, as well as hiring an additional member of staff for onsite management.


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£ 50k
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A. Hi,
We (myself or my practice manager) meets with all prospective tenants face to face after email correspondence that suggests they are suitable for our business. We also have a clear boundary that shows visitors that we are only offering the space to tenant-practitioners and do not take responsibility for treatments. We have a minimum usage policy and/or a membership fee which we have found weeds out anyone who isn't committed to growing a professional practice.
Many Thanks

A. Hi Golnar,
Yes breakeven is around 17 rooms - worst case - as the profit margins significantly increase with the ad-hoc rental over the longer term more permanent rentals. Demand: We are currently turning away on average 8 serious potential room renters a month and have been for a long time now because we just can't accommodate them!

A. Hi Adam, thanks very much! Yes that's fine... there are no other debts or loans
Many Thanks

A. Hi Jocelyn,
Positive Mind Space Limited
Many Thanks

A. Hi Jakob, yes that's right. We are taking our existing 6 rooms users (which is around 30 clients) but also have a list of people who want to take space once we move. Including 4 psychotherapists who want 4 rooms with exclusive use. We envisage filling at least 10 rooms straight away, breakeven is 17 rooms (based on the minimum room rental rate)

A. Hi There,

2019 YTD:
Total Income: 72,800
Operating expenses: 34,600

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"A tranquil space to work"

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