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Managing three Pizza Hut franchises in Leicester and one in Tamworth, Khurram Chohan has shown great entrepreneurial leadership in his successes. The demands in his franchise services for Pizza Hut is growing and with the general global company establishing over 700 restaurants, Pizza Hut is continuously innovating new products for their customers. Khurram is now seeking funds for his franchise in London to raise money for new staff hires and marketing activities.

Continuously innovating new products to warm your tastebuds.

Our director, Khurram Chohan has been exemplary in his hard work and dedication to the success of his Pizza Hut franchises, three of which are based in Leicester and one in Tamworth. Recognising that the impacts of the global pizzeria Pizza Hut with all of their great products and thirst for innovation, it was clear that this was the best business route in order to bring together communities for good food, laughter and celebrations.

Pizzahut has brought deep pan pizzas to the UK and having invented stuffed crust and cheesy bites, and we are constantly bringing new and exciting products to our customers.

All our pizzas are freshly prepared with a variety of options. We even offer a half and half pizza that is customisable for each half of the pizza. Beyond pizzas, we offer a range of sides such as cheesy nachos, breaded chicken strips, folded cheesy pizza bread, wedges, garlic bread and much more. For our desserts, we offer warm cookie doughs and ice cream such as the well-known Ben & Jerry’s fudge brown ice cream.

At Pizzahut, we have been quite rigorous about health and safety, especially in this current time. We are extra precautious about hygiene and ensure that all government guidelines are being followed. Our team is socially distancing where possible and all pizzas are to be prepaid online to keep contact-free.

We are continuously growing as a company and we are excited for what is to come next. As demands grow, we will be raising funds to hire more staff and towards marketing activities for our Leicester based franchise.

COVID-19 Resilience:
Pizzahut offers deliveries and the takeaway food industry has grown and continues to grow.

Credit Comment:
There will be a cross-company guarantee from PH Crawley Ltd. The business had a wind up petition in 2020 however this was settled and withdrawn. The director is providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails the director becomes personally liable for the loan. The director is not a homeowner; this does not ensure there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors, although the business has had a few striking off notices which have been discontinued.


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"Continuously innovating new products to warm your tastebuds."

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