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Pextroxin is an international upstream oil and gas consultancy providing technical expertise and cost-effective full life-cycle integrated solutions to global clients of operators and investors. Petroxin have internationally experienced, culturally diverse and highly skilled team of professionals who are determined to provide innovative and efficient solutions to their clients and help them to achieve their objectives.

Petroxin is a service company founded to deliver professional consultancy in the energy industry, mainly to develop oil and gas reservoirs and optimise production rates and recovery.

Petroxin is committed to being a value driven consultancy that provides integrated and customised solutions across the entire oil and gas lifecycles. They offer innovative and integrated products and services for new ventures, exploration, appraisal, development and production. They work with international oil companies, national oil companies, investment banks, investment funds, service companies and oil field suppliers to assist them in evaluating their assets, portfolios, investment strategies, technologies, whilst developing skills intended to maximise the value.

Petroxin has been involved in a range of petroleum engineering and geoscience studies such as reservoir studies of oil and gas fields, detailed reservoir modelling, geological and geophysical studies, as well as economic and technical evaluation of exploration and production assets. It has built up extensive experience in every hydrocarbon province in Middle East and Europe and its high profile client base includes the majors, independent oil companies, as well as national oil companies and other government agencies.

For example, some of Petroxin's brilliant software solutions are:
PePTA is a pressure transient analysis software for interpretation of pressure build up, draw downs and back pressure tests.

Petroxin Reservoir Engineering Toolkit, PeRET, is a software platform for storing and managing well and reservoir data for reservoir engineering calculations and analyses.

PeREV is developed for volumetric calculations using limited reservoir data. Both deterministic and probabilistic methods are available in PeREV.

PeCWR, uses the advantage of an extensive library of analytical and empirical IPRs, completion types, aquifer models to model single or multilayered reservoir inflows.

PeCBL is a user-friendly, quick-look program for quality control and evaluation of cement bond log data.

The company has developed advanced techniques that cover full project life cycle and is fully integrated to maximise the value for its clients. Their highly skilled and experienced staff are the key for finding innovative solutions and successful implementation of them with the objective of value maximisation.


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Aigin Ikder
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"Petroxin is a service company founded to deliver professional consultancy in the energy industry, mainly to develop oil and gas reservoirs and optimise production rates and recovery."

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