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With over 20 years of experience, Pet Subjects provide award-winning marketing and content creation for the pet industry. This involves social media, web design, video production, and an impressive portfolio of magazines, including popular names like Dogs Today and The Kennel Club's Gazette. Further to their first raise with Crowd2Fund, Pet Subjects will use the money raised to acquire another new magazine as they continue to lead the UK market.

Promoting all things pet-related

Formed over 25 years ago, we started from a magazine that was previously included in the Daily Mail; once this ended, we kept going and grew into the marketing agency we are today. We specialise in marketing and publication for all things pet-related through various social media channels, creating strategic content alongside in-house video production. We consider branding, messaging, user experience, and design to produce something with style and substance. This has enabled us to grow significantly as we now own and publish several magazines - and show no sign of slowing down!

Examples include Dogs Today, which has been run by us for 26 years from launch to the present day. This is a significant publication with a huge impact, as was shown with our active campaigning which led to the reform of the Dangerous Dogs Act and the banning of tail docking. We're also commissioned to re-design existing entities, such as The Kennel Club's flagship publication, The Kennel Gazette, which we now run. As for our digital marketing, we ran a viral photo competition for called 'Yappy Faces' which drove over 82,000 visitors to their site and resulted in over 8,000 subscribers, and editorially, we've partnered with big brands like Purina and Guide Dogs to promote their products and causes.

We raised with Crowd2Fund previously and used the money to facilitate our growth through acquisition. Now we have identified another magazine we aim to purchase with the funds raised in this campaign as we continue to ensure that small, niche magazines with a solid following and worthy causes can get the reach that they deserve.


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£ 80k
£ 80k
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Funded 5 months ago in 29 days

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Purchase new magazine
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Beverley Cuddy
Graham Smith

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A. Secured lending to NatWest stands at £98k. Our figures are shown above in the first question regarding 2017. These are currently with our auditors and will be delivered to Companies House in due course.

A. Hi Matthew, Our 2018 forecast is T/O £1.2m, GP £870k and NP £138k

A. We have a development program already underway which has committed our current resources. As market leader in newsstand pet publishing, which we have been for the past 28 years, an additional title has been offered to us from and the opportunity simply is to good to miss. In purchasing this additional title and turning it around I consider this would put an unnecessary pressure on our cash management and this is why we are borrowing again - it's funding company growth not debt.

A. Hi Colin, we have given our 2017 management accounts to Crowd2fund already but we cannot post these directly to the platform ourselves. The highlights however are T/O for year £771,244, Gross Profit of £578,433 and a Net Profit of £110,880. These are being audited currently and will be lodged at Companies House before 30 November 2018. Hope this answers your question. Regards, Graham

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"Promoting all things pet-related"

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