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Perception BI was founded as a professional services company, to deliver consultancy services to a small number of high profile customers including NHS Medical Health, Ocado and Royal Mail They use a framework called Friction Freeâ„¢ Thinking, to enable organisations to access, understand and apply the right information delivering innovative solutions that improve efficiency, performance and profitability.

To provide simple, innovative solutions helping businesses improve efficiency, performance and profitability.

Friction Freeâ„¢ Thinking is built to help organisations: Resolve poor data quality, Access the right information to make better decisions, Understand drivers of poor performance, Improve stakeholder engagement, Apply consistent best practice and Utilise technology to deliver business objectives.


In 2010, Perception BI began to evolve with additional full-time consultants being employed to support a growing customer base.

In 2012, the company registered its first trademark, Friction Freeâ„¢ Thinking which describes the framework Perception uses to develop their customer-centric approach to delivery, business analysis and development of new products. This framework is also used to support their clients delivering efficiency, performance and profitability improvements within their organisation

By 2013, Perception BI had 5 full-time employees, and by December 2014 had 16 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

With the launch of Perception DQ in 2014, they are developing tools to make the process of understanding and delivering information even easier.


They plan to expand their core markets (NHS, Education, Retail, Logistics, Finance, Manufacturing) and gain new clients.The sales team have built a pipeline of over £2 million of new business, along with existing contracts, in 3 months of activity. To maximise growth, Perception are looking a £90,000 loan to drive further investment in reaching their audience, expanding their market coverage whilst securing and delivering new business.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 24k
£ 24k
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Funded 8 years ago in 45 days

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Research & Development

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Andrew Rabbitt
Managing Director

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LS29, UK

"To provide simple, innovative solutions helping businesses improve efficiency, performance and profitability."

Business stage
15 years, 10 months

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