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Committed to providing the best quality care to their patients, Peculiar Care Homes work closely with each person and not only take pride in being highly involved with each individual, but in educating them in a practical way to help them live the fullest life possible. They provide multiple services including residential care for children, domiciliary care and supported living care.. They are now raising funds to recruit more staff, provide training and to move into a new office.

Adding value to our community.

We at Peculiar Care are passionate about creating the most healthiest relationship within communities for people who have multiple different types of needs. We have a range of services from children residential care, domiciliary care and supported living care.

In our children's residential care, we provide a safe and structured environment. Our staff are heavily involved and nurtures each child according to their needs. They are also afforded with the same rights and opportunities that are also enjoyed by those not living in care.

We offer specialists in our domiciliary care services for those with physical and mental disabilities which include autism and any other associated complex needs.

Our supported living care services specialise in providing 24/7 health and social care support for those with learning and physical disabilities as well as autistic needs, mental health and associated complex needs.

In all of our services, we believe in empowering our patients, delivering the very best care, encouraging a healthy lifestyle through education and providing a safe environment. Our patient’s needs lay at the heart of our company and they will always come first. We want each individual to feel that they are part of a loving community.

We are continuing to grow our business and are excited for you to be a part of our journey. With the funds raised for this campaign, we will be hiring more staff, offer more training and moving into a new office

A study finds that Care Homes have rapidly adapted to the pandemic by accommodating new guidelines and policies, this includes giving staff and companies an improved understanding of how to operate post-pandemic. The sector is resilient to the effects of COVID.

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The director is providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. The director is a homeowner, however this does not ensure there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors. There will be a debenture on the business.


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New Office

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Akeem Olalekan Moshood

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"Adding value to our community."

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