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As global scrap metal exporters, One World Commodities specialise in ferrous scrap and help smaller scrap yards in the UK sell on the international market. With pioneering technology and electric arc furnaces, they stand apart as one of the more environmentally-friendly and efficient businesses in the sector. One World Commodities will continue the success of their previous raise, using the funds raised for further growth.

Linking UK scrap suppliers to a global market

One World Commodities was formed in 2014 to build a bridge between the needs of scrap yards in Europe and North America and the demands of buyers in Asia. We provide the steady, high quality supply of raw materials— particularly ferrous—they require. We purchase the materials, then handle all logistics and freighting in-between via containers and small bulk vessels. The metals we deal in consist of a range from heavy melting steel to cast iron; used rails, busheling, new production bundles, and more.

Our founder, Paul, has been in the metal industry for over 10 years and we have a passion for helping smaller scrap yards connect to the international market. We partner with suppliers who are small to medium scrap yards looking for reliable and established partners, operating on a global scale, while also dealing at a local level. We are also keen to do our bit for the environment: traditionally, scrap metal is melted down using a blast furnace, which is expensive and uses a lot of energy. We are at the forefront of using newer technology, electric arc furnaces, which are both economical and more environmentally efficient at recycling the scrap metal.

We have growth plans on the horizon, building on the success of our previous raise with Crowd2Fund. The money raised in this campaign will accommodate our expansion as we purchase additional materials for trade and increase the speed at which we can deal.


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Paul Gavin Bridgman

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A. I'm afraid I can't see where you are getting an £840,000 increase in liabilities from. I make it £609,532 total liabilities in 2016 and £842,052 total liabilities in 2017. An increase in liabilities of £232,520 compared with an increase in assets of £274,465. So assets increased by £41,945 more than liabilities which is reflected in the increase in shareholders fund by the same amount.

A. No, it was not unwise or imprudent.

Our turnover dropped in 2016 because the international price of scrap fell. However, our traded tonnage increased in 2016 compared with 2015:
2015 (annualised*): 22800
2016: 28500

*2015 accounting year was 17 months. ABove is the 12 month adjusted figure.

A. Brexit will not have a direct impact on our business. The UK is a net exporter of scrap and will continue to be so after brexit. We do not sell into Europe so will not face obstacles to trade that other industries may face. If scrap exports to Europe do become a problem this will divert more UK scrap into markets outside Europe such as those that we sell in which would be a positive for our business.

A. We sell in countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Morocco, Turkey. The scrap is recovered in electric arc furnaces and used to make finished and semi-finished steel products such as steel billet, reinforcing bar and hot-rolled coil.

A. Our turnover for the last three years has been:
2016: £5.6m
2017: £10.7m
2018: £18.8m
The reason for the increase in turnover is because our business has been growing. Our traded tonnages for those same three years were:
2016: 28,500 mt
2017: 47,000 mt
2018: 74,500 mt
For 2018/2019 financial year we are expecting a turnover of £20m and net profit of £100k.
Future plans: In 2019/2020 we expect to see strong growth again as we are increasing our opportunities in the bulk scrap market.

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"Linking UK scrap suppliers to a global market"

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