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One Point Supplies provide bar establishments with all the drinks and trade essentials they need. Wine, beer, spirits, specialist cocktail ingredients - you name it, they source it! With competitive pricing and a model that cuts out the middleman, One Point Supplies are now returning one year after their previous loan with us, which facilitated their expansion, to raise further funds for maintaining their established success.

Shaking up the wholesale drinks sector

We know that the recipe for the perfect visit to a bar needs atmosphere, good company - and, of course, fantastic drinks! At One Point Supplies, we've go the latter covered: we serve a wide range of beers, wines, spirits, and specialist cocktail ingredients to a variety of businesses in the hospitality, entertainment, and retail sector. We stock all the big names all in one place to make wholesale transaction as smooth a process as possible for our clients. Our prices are some of the best out there since minimal overheads allows us to keep costs low but profit margins high.

What makes us stand out from our competition is our flexibility for our clients. Our major competitors are the national suppliers who aren't able to offer the bespoke services that a smaller business like us can. We work directly with brands to cut out the middleman and go beyond our trade duties to offer additional support for establishments because we value the importance of strong working relationships. We pride ourselves of being able to cater for all needs, so if a client requires something that is missing from our stock, we will go out of our way to source and supply it to them.

We came to Crowd2Fund a year ago for funds to enable our expansion. Following this success, we're returning to raise money that will allow us to continue to grow our business. Through maintaining our exiting relationships with brands and establishments, as well as sources new ones, and continuing our high-quality level of service, this is set to be a good year for One Point Supplies.


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£ 106k
£ 84k
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Funded 10 months ago in 28 days

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Dipum Patel

A. We act a a one stop shop for all bar supplies from hard spirits, soft drinks and bar disposables.

A. Hi, we have around 30-40 customers that would order on a weekly basis, and aound another 40 which would order adhoc around the year depending on events. All orders are emailed or taken over the telephone at this moment in time.

A. the C2F funding was paid of in November 2017.
the new finance was taken out in March 2018 as it was required urgently.

A. One point is my primary business and I would say 90 percent of my time and effort reflects.
RM London 3 is not a trading entity and Davotel relates to a Hotel investment that I bought into earlier this year, which is fully managed and operating.

A. loans to Ferratum for approx 25k and FBL for approx 15k will be consolidated as they are at a very high interest rate.

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Gants Hill, UK

"Shaking up the wholesale drinks sector"

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