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We have specialised exclusively in residential property management since the early 1980’s, during which time we have built considerable first-hand experience managing one of the most diverse portfolios in the country. We manage hundreds of developments across the region today, containing a variety of apartments, houses and commercial premises, demised under a mixture of tenures. With your funding we wish to purchase a new business to help even more people with their realty needs.

Experienced & Specialist Property Professionals With Exceptionally Happy Customers

We provide a variety of management services that are matched to the requirements of each client. Our core business is the management of long leasehold apartments, however we also manage estates, public open spaces, commercial property and retirement developments to name but a few.

The block management of long-leasehold apartments has been our core specialism for almost four decades. From small conversions to modern developments totalling many hundreds of units, our portfolio of apartment blocks is one of the most diverse in the country; encompassing: complex city centre developments, mixed tenure blocks, listed buildings and contemporary regeneration schemes.

We also caretake a wide range of general estate areas for various clients. Whether it be a private grounds, formal gardens, unadopted roadways, parkland, riverbanks, play areas, drainage, or wildlife habitats, we have the expertise to deliver cost-effective high-quality estate management and maintenance services.

When it comes to commercial property management our aim is to deliver a professional commercial property management service in order to compliment our core residential management activities and in particular we excel at managing mixed-use developments where residential and commercial customers occupy spaces next to each other.

With your funding, we want to expand our business by acquiring a company to spread our services even further across the North of England.


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"Experienced & Specialist Property Professionals With Exceptionally Happy Customers"

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