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Advocates of a happy, healthy workforce, Occupational Health International (OHI) offer mobile health surveillance and consultancy for corporate clients via their fleet of six mobile units and highly trained Occupational Health Advisors. This is carried out by an impressive array of equipment, providing a cost-effective solution for industries to install a health plan that has immediate positive effects. OHI will use the money raised to purchase a new warehouse as a storage facility.

Covering the well-being of employees for a happy, healthy workforce

Here at OHI, we specialise in mobile health surveillance and occupational health consultancy, covering both the physical and mental well-being of staff from a variety of sectors. We carry this out through our mobile units, of which we have six fully-furnished vans, all fitted with sound-proof booths for optimal consultancy conditions and portable health screening equipment. They range in size to suit different requirements and are powered by a domestic power supply. Inside, our Occupational Health Advisors can carry out audio and vision tests, drugs and alcohol tests, vaccinations, blood and urine tests, and so on. We then collate all the information gathered into a report for employers, following HSE guidelines and current legislation, and follow up with referral procedures if necessary.

The results speak for themselves. We understand that employee health must be a priority but can be financially demanding, so our solution is to cut costs by bringing our facilities to you. We advocate taking a proactive approach and our clients testify that healthier people are more productive and early detection of potential problems prevents accidents and further complications, all of which are direct results of having our health plan in place. We want our clients to learn from us as well, so we lead FAIB approved first aid training courses and also scope out their workspace and suggest improvements.

This is an exciting time of growth for us as we continue to expand our business. With our headquarters in Blackpool and additional site in Preston, we're also looking to purchase a further warehouse to accommodate this. Using the funds raised in this campaign combined with our successful business model, we know that we have the combination to grow significantly.


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£ 53k
£ 53k
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Funded 6 months ago in 2 days

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Purchase new warehouse
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John Hodgson

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A. Not a warehouse in the sense of bulk loading its about 4 times the size of a domestic garage its use to store medical supplies.

A. Owned without finance. these are second hand units valued at about £10,000 each

A. turnover about £650,000 this coming year.

A. top 3 customers account for 40% of income rest is from about 100 customers and increasing

A. Basically because occupational health international ltd. a big mouthful so use ohi as logo

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"Covering the well-being of employees for a happy, healthy workforce"

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