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In each of our restaurants we have a simple philosophy: strive to make each customer's day and ensure they love their NYC experience. We do this by not only providing food made using our original recipes, but by serving it with the friendly faces of our helpful staff. Since 2013 when our first store opened, three more have opened their doors, and with your help we want to carry on our exceptional growth.

Providing unique American food, with a smile on our face!

Our story began in 2013, when our founder Lee opened the first NYC Bar and Grill in Bawtry, and realised his vision of a forward-thinking American restaurant that would be known for providing attentive customer service with smiling faces, and the freshest American food, to give you the full NYC experience.

At every NYC Bar and Grill you go to, you can expect delicious food cooked using our bespoke, in-house recipes that ensure you get a tasty meal every time you walk through the door. Our food menu has something for everyone at any time of the day, so you can start the day with a Sweet 'n' Savoury breakfast, enjoy our fall-off-the-bone ribs or Veggie Dog for dinner, and then finish by treating yourself to our Famous Chocolate Gooey Boston Brownie. Also, our sausages and patties are pressed in-house using only meat that can be traced back to the West Country, so you know that although what you taste is New York, you are helping British farmers with every bite.

But our impact doesn't stop in the kitchen. We feel at NYC that we should not limit ourselves to only helping those between our walls and aid the local and wider communities in various ways such as providing food for the M25 food shelter and the Hot Dog Project. We dedicate ourselves to allowing people to reach out to us, so that we can help those to help others, whether it be providing food for an eating challenge or sponsoring kit.

The growth of our beloved brand has been meteoric and with your funding, we want to continue that growth so that more people can indulge in what NYC has to offer!

SECURITY: Second ranking charge, fixed and floating, negative pledge. Tangible, fixed assets total £497,000


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Opening of 5th site

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Lee Edwards

A. Hi Michael, these will be met with our projected turnover over the next 12 months. As you can see through our accounts every year of trading we've doubled our turnover. 2 of our sites in these accounts hadn't been tracing for a year. We've opened a further site this year in May and due to open another site at some point this month. I hope this helps

A. HI Martin, this is down to the company doubling in size with 2 new sites added and a refurb. I hope this helps

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"Providing unique American food, with a smile on our face!"

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