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Nomadic Films are a full-service production company driven by great storytelling. Their Soho studio and crew create award-winning original productions and editorial collaborations. They have worked with star-studded casts to produce high-end, thought-provoking content, including top names such as Hugo Boss, Swarovski, and Samsung, to name a few. Nomadic Films are looking to grow their agency with the funds raised, and increase their impressive list of clients.

Producing narrative-led content

At Nomadic Films, we're driven by narratives: great stories that deserve to be told. We aim to embrace truth, challenge convention, and produce thought-provoking content as a result. We're based in Soho, where our studio, crew, and equipment is all available to hire. Our work is typically a collaboration between client and agency, such as our latest campaign for TOD's footwear. In addition to this, we produce original films: our recent Nomadic Originals production, 'Life Will Smile' tells the true story of Jewish Holocaust survivors on the Greek island of Zakynthos, who were protected by the Christian community. We worked with one of the survivors himself, Haim Konstantini, to capture the narrative as accurately as possible. The film won the Grand Prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, as well as the silver awarded at the Pittsburgh Film Festival, and will be developed into a full-length feature film this coming year.

Alongside this, our editorial content is among the best in the business - and we have the portfolio to prove it! Big projects of ours include numerous luxury perfume adverts such as working with director, Darren Aronofsky and star, Theo James for Hugo Boss's 'The Scent', and household name, Gal Gadot for Gucci's 'Bamboo' commercial. As with all campaigns, we shoot a range of material, from teaser videos to behind-the-scenes footage, PR interviews to social media content. We've worked with make-up brand, Max Factor; Italian supercar producers, Pagani; Japanese sports company, Mizuno; and technology giant, Samsung, for whom we shot a 'day in the life' series to promote their latest smartphone.

We like to build relationships with every collaboration, Swarovski being an example of this. Not only have we shot exciting content with top models for the jewellery brand, but we also worked on a charity campaign as part of their collaboration with the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. Here, we shot at their Mexican sanctuary with photographer, Gavin Brand to produce stunning video and stills. We are now raising money to allow us to build further relationships like this, and facilitate upcoming contracts, to ensure we continue to produce content that pushing the boundaries.


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Key people

Andrea George Kleanthous
Remi Rasenburg
Managing Director
Stefan d'Bart
COO/Head of TV & Drama
Emma Mainoo
Brand Director
Lacey Grey
Head of Production/EP

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A. Thankfully we invested in both permanent HODs and some recurring roles as well as purchasing the majority of the equipment we need over the past 5 years, so we are in a good place to weather the ever-increasing storm of freelancer’s rates.

A. Hi There. Great question! We actually have a number of original film, TV show and documentary projects in various stages of funding or development.

For us, diversification into long form media is essential; we also continue to co-produce with international channels as well.

We also have a robust plan to grow our advertising production services as well, despite the seismic shift in the industry; so it will long continue to be a subsidiary revenue stream.

A. The loan was initially injected by the Director to fund the working capital and support the rapid growth of the company. The amount was never paid back because of continued growth. The amount is negligible given the volume of work we already know about and worst case scenario we know that the director of the company has assets to act as a guarantor on this loan.

A. Projected turnover for YE 2018 is £9.17m. Conservative turnover for YE 2019 is £4.00m however it is far too early to tell as we are currently negotiating multiple large contracts and several exciting large one off projects as well!

A. It completely varies on the size and scale of the projects, which can be anything between 20 - 100+. Obviously large contracts, where the value of that contract is extremely high, limits our bandwidth / amount of other contracts we can service. Separately and in part also answers your question, in YE 2018 we executed £9.17m (projected) over roughly 30 contracts but our current business structure can handle up to £15m worth of projects within any given year.

A. Due to rapid growth and intense investment in business development, the current working capital has been stretched to its limit. The raised funds will essentially work as extension to the current working capital to keep the projects running and allow us to renew repeat contracts.

A. Yes. It was a particularly large spike in business due to a change in our services and company structure. Our revenues were/are:
YE 2016 - £1.31m Revenue
YE 2017 - £ 2.17m Revenue
YE 2018 - £ 9.17m (projected)

A. Most of our projects happen with large multinational companies and are not limited to just the UK or the EU, reflecting our ability to offer localised services and rates through our own network of international companies; therefore our current business structure can handle, thankfully any eventuality due to Brexit and we foresee the impact of the Brexit being minimal to our business.

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