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Providing alternative solutions to hair loss, NEU Hair 4 Men is an award-winning business that designs hairpieces from ethical sources to withstand day-to-day life. Not only are their services available in their own salons, due to growing demands their products are available on the high street across the country. In addition, NEU Hair 4 Men also provides specialist training to staff - enabling them to help each client on a bespoke basis. NEU Hair 4 Men also sells their own branded products on their e-commerce shop online, ranging from shampoos, conditioners, styling products and even adhesives. As demand for their hairpieces increases, the funds raised from this campaign will go towards marketing and purchasing more stock.

Redefining hair replacement.

Having experienced first-hand challenges due to hair loss, it was important for our founder and CEO, Stuart Mundy to seek out alternatives to the often-costly, non-surgical solutions available. After ethically sourcing 100% human hair, Stuart was able to design durable and discreet hairpieces that eventually led him to set up the business.

At NEU Hair 4 Men, we aim to make knowledge about hair loss available to as many people as possible. We understand that hair loss can be a difficult and stressful experience and we want to be able to give our clients tools and coping mechanisms to help them feel more confident about themselves. So far we have 23 placements across the UK, where we provide rigorous training to staff to help tackle this issue.

Our pieces are set to either cover the top part of the head - an area in which hair loss usually starts to occur - or the whole of the head. During these sessions, we perform a range of procedures such as making a template of the head, colour matching to the client’s natural colour, and once fitted, styling the pieces to suit each individual’s taste and style. Our consultations are free and procedures are bespoke, taking on average, around 2 hours to complete.

We truly care about our clients and so have further developed a system of hair care and styling products that go hand-in-hand with our hairpieces to keep them in the best condition possible. All of which can be found in our e-commerce shop, from shampoos, conditioners, styling clays, moisturising masks, oils and sprays. We also sell adhesives, accessories, brushes, skin prep and tape. When maintained properly, our products allow wearers to continue their day-to-day lives, with the help of secure, waterproof adhesives. Maintenance sessions are also offered (which we recommend are taken once a month) where we’ll refit the hairpiece.

The demand for our services has significantly increased and we are now raising funds to purchase stock to meet those needs and for marketing.

Although we have been adversely affected by COVID-19, salons are starting to open up again and we have received a lot of new bookings. Upon booking, we receive 50% of our payment and the full payment is received 7 days before the appointment. Also, despite hair salons closing down because of the impact of COVID-19, our e-commerce store has not been affected.

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The director is providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. The directors is not a homeowner. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors. The business has also maintained a perfect repayment history.


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£ 53k
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"Redefining hair replacement."

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