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Working on your behalf to navigate the maze of ever-changing deals of essential services in Consumer Helper, a trading style of Nest Money Ltd. We have a large range of established suppliers, such as e.on Energy, British Gas, EDF Energy, and Sainsbury’s Energy. They are able to source great value deals to meet the many different needs of their customers. The money raised will be used to commence a new contract with the renowned company, Shell Energy.

Free yourself from the chore of comparison shopping.

We at Nest Money Ltd have a trading style company called Consumer Helper. This is an independent company to set up to help consumers pay less for essential services. These services include energy, telecoms, and insurance.

Deals are constantly changing, so we are dedicated to work on your behalf to find you special promotions and introductory offers to find products and services that save you money. The biggest advantage of our company is that products are always accurate and up to date. We keep on top of what’s happening in the market so you can be sure you’ve always got access to the most up-to-date deals.

Cut gas and electricity costs. With as many as 148 deals available from just one of the many energy suppliers, there’s no way for customers to know where the best prices are hiding. Working with a wide range of leading energy providers, such as e-on, British Gas, EDF Energy, and Sainsbury’s Energy. We are constantly monitoring what’s on offer so we can find the right deal for every customer. Savings can be as much as £500 or more.

We are now working towards further expanding our client base and will be using the funds towards commencing a new contract with Shell Energy.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 213k
£ 32k
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Commence new contract with Shell Energy

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Damian Robert Reed

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A. Our revenue has increased since the Covd -19 pandemic - we have set up our sales people remotely which will actually reduce our costs whilst we are in these uncertain times. I also think sales have increased due to more people being isolated at home and being more open to saving money on their household bills etc etc.

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"Free yourself from the chore of comparison shopping."

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