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Neidra is a strategic and advisory outsourcing service, helping their clients promote their business goals and achieve growth. They specialise in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and ICT sectors, pairing clients with subsidiary and partnered consultants and working to lower costs and improve efficiency after revenue generation with tailor-made objectives. As they continue to scale, Neidra will use the funds raised to open international offices in Greece and Cyprus.

Strategic outsourcing made simple

At Neidra, we believe in the benefits of strategic outsourcing. We see it as a key component to business strategy, central to sustainable development; it can bring a fresh approach to existing obstacle, shouldn't just be seen as a cost-saving tool. Our aim is to make outsourcing and consulting simple and accessible: we work with subsidiaries and partners, pairing them with businesses in various sectors to assist with the next steps after they being to generate revenue. We tackle every new project by creating a tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) to work towards agreed outcomes.

One of our sectors of expertise is Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), typically the items found in supermarket retailers. We cover the overall lifecycle of commercial development, including sales, merchandising, ordering, exports, and so on. Another is ICT, where we offer the ability to upgrade the operational status of infrastructure and business applications. Other sectors we've worked with vary from wealth management to digital marketing, and we have several, well-established partnerships with consultants, such as Simply Exports Consulting, DataWays IT architects, and OpenVision business consultants to help our clients optimise their strategy.

With the money raised in this campaign, we are opening further offices in Greece and Cyprus, in addition to our existing headquarters in London. We already have established contacts and partnerships in Europe, so we're confident this next step in our growth plan will be a success.


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£ 53k
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Funded 10 months ago in 29 days

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Open international offices
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Georgios Karlaftis
Panagiotis Loukeris

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A. No worries at all. We already provide services globally ,so in case of Brexit our business will grow up (especially if our competitors have to raise their prices)

A. We have liaison offices there and we work with partners and subcontractors. Business is going very well there and we are planning in opening our own offices there too.

A. T/O around 1.200.000 pounds
Profit around 130.000

A. Offices have been established since 2014. We have already hired the required staff and we work with subcontractors too. Now, we are moving to new larger premises

A. We have already signed new deals that will raise the figures, plus the fact that we have outstanding proposals for more customers to come. In any case numbers will go up.

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"Strategic outsourcing made simple"

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