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NDT Equipment Supplies are a group of experts in the field of testing and inspection technology. Using their knowledge to help manufacture high-quality equipment for clients from a wide variety of industries, their products include radiographs and ultrasound equipment to allow a view of the internal structure of an object. The funds raised will facilitate their expansion through recruitment and purchase of new equipment

Europe's largest manufacturer of ultrasound equipment.

Since 1990 we have continuously grown as a business and built a reputation based on trust, expertise, and a broad catalogue of unique, specialist equipment. We supply equipment to clients, both in the UK and overseas, from a broad spectrum of sectors including manufacturing, process plant and service industries.

It is through our unique equipment paired with outstanding service, that we have stood out among our competitors to become the largest manufacturer in Europe of ultrasonic standard and special blocks and test pieces. In the modern age, our clients are making progress with each passing day in reducing the impact that their day-to-day processes have on the environment. We also strive to manufacture equipment that is environmentally friendly as possible, aiming to minimise waste through reduction of unnecessary consumption; purchasing and using recycled products and packaging for our own use; and re-using of packaging received.

We have traded for nearly two decades (10 years as a limited company) and have only been able to reach the heights that we have through a constant ambition to expand and provide exceptional service and premium equipment. There's no intention to slow down in this respect, and we are always releasing brand new products for our clients. With the funds through this campaign we are aiming to hire even more experts and purchase new equipment.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 319k
£ 109k
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Funded 9 months ago in 30 days

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Richard Preston
Peter Dodd

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A. Hi Matthew, can I just confirm you are looking at NDT Equipment Supplies Ltd as we have no link to any other company other than our holding company Go 2 Engineering Group Ltd and all of our accounts are up to date. There have been no warnings of being struck off etc for any of the businesses we are involved with to our knowledge. I'm out of the country at the moment, in relation to Dec 18 I've spoken with my business partner and he will get back to you today.

A. Hi Caitlin, I'm not totally clear on what the issue here is, if you would be able to expand I'll do my best to provide an answer

A. Hi Matthew, again - 2016 is well before we were involved with the business so I can't comment on the specific situation that would have lead to these events. I appreciate the time you have spent looking over the opportunity, sorry you don't feel it's for you.

A. Hi Matthew - I can only tell you what the businesses accountant told us, which is within the answer I've already given. Beyond this, we are talking about a time when we were not involved with the business in any way.

A. Hi Sharon, This is the response word for word in the email response from our accountant regarding this matter:

"this was a one off dividend receivable from the subsidiary company (now struck off) which has hived up its assets following a demerger of a connected company … Strictly this should be noted as a one off exceptional item"

A. Hi Chris, I've now answered the question regarding the net interest figure. The sum was a one off dividend payment the previous owners took well before our involvement with the business. It is purely a one off. Hopefully this (and the answer to the original Q) will give you what you need, feel free to ask anything further.

A. Hi Elliot, hopefully the answer to the previous question covers this. Go2 doesn't trade, and won't be.

A. Being Director of both business along with my business partner we assure all that Go 2 is a none trading company. Our only focus and use for money raised here is be put toward projects/programmes/improvements to develop NDT

A. We are not looking to at the moment to take over another NDT business. Our expansion plan over the longer term does include growth by acquisition as well as organically - which the money raised here will support. The acquisition plan will aim to grow the overall capability of our organisation in different sectors to then at a point in the future, cross sell the capability in a turn key capacity while each individual business is able to support itself in its core market.

A. All monies raised will remain within NDT for the specifics of developing the organisation to set it up for sustained growth, this includes but is not limited to new managerial, engineering and apprenticeship roles along with the training they need. Training for current staff to set them up for our future. Investment in the machinery on site (new and modernisation of current), and development of a sales and marketing role (along with marketing material) aimed at growth in to new markets/sectors.

A. Yes, you are right Michael, we are new to NDT as a business, however that said, we have 23 years between us in Engineering and Manufacturing and we have retained, under contract, the businesses previous director who founded it all those years ago. We have also kept all the staff and customers and see the money we raise here being key to a step change in the operations of the business making use of what we bring and our network in the sector.

A. 2018 is looking positive within the core market the business operates in. The business is well known and trusted with it's customers. We are exploring both taking on more work from our existing clients and what we can do with new customers.

A. Hi Deborah, sorry for the delay in answering this question. Essentially the monies you are referring to here was a one off dividend payment to the previous shareholders as a result of a demerger. As new owners of the business we have not made any use of these funds, hence we would like to raise capital to fund the plans we have. That the two sums are roundly the same is purely coincidence rather than design. Hopefully this gives you what you need, and we look forward to any further questions

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"Europe's largest manufacturer of ultrasound equipment."

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