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NDoeDesign are a world-class design and project-management company with successful projects throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia for big-name clients. Combining practicality and aesthetics, they specialise in taking commercial and retail refurbishments and fit-out through the process from design to build. NDoeDesign are returning for a second raise and will use the money raised to continue their growth through sales and marketing.

Design combining style and function

With 20 years of experience and the best expertise in the sector, NDoeDesign strive to deliver creative yet practical refurbishments and fit-outs. We versatilely cater for a range of sectors: commercial office interiors and retail spaces form the majority of our portfolio, but we also work with the leisure and healthcare sectors, including hotels, restaurants, and care homes. No matter the job, we manage the project from initial design, through to development, construction and final delivery. We also offer site surveys and working method reviews, as well as the option to create bespoke furniture.

Our scope is worldwide: we've carried out projects throughout the UK, Europe, and India, plus we have current projects being developed in the Middle East. Led by our clients, we've worked with some big brand names such as Coca Cola, Disney, and Toyota, and in well-known spaces like Westfield shopping centre, Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Ultimately, our aim is to maximise the potential of these clients' businesses by providing them with top-quality interior design that adapts to their needs and growth.

Our previous raise with Crowd2Fund allowed us to develop a technological tool to acquire clients globally. Following this success, we're now returning to raise further funds which will help with our plans to expand our sales and marketing strategies to make the most of this.


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£ 43k
£ 43k
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Funded 6 months ago in 9 hours

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Nicholas Doe

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A. Hi. All our projects are covered by our standard terms and conditions which stipulate payment terms or projects are covered by JCT contract which means valuation payments based on percentage of works complete.

A. This is due to an expansion in the staff headcount and reduced margin on projects over the last year. We have planned and strategised ways of increasing profit margins on 2019 turnover and 2018's figure also includes the allowance of £65k bad debt written off by our accountants from the previous year, so if you take that in to account, our actual net profit would have been £110k approx.

A. Hi, at this stage we are anticipating with existing client contacts and projects we have pitched and are being told are coming our way, that we could turn over in the region of £4-4.5m.

A. Actually even with downturns in the economy, there is always work. If a company is downsizing, then generally they would need work to reduce the size of office they have so they can sub-let or to change they way they are working.

A. Hi, the profit for 2018 will be circa £45k which would be similar net profit to 2017.

A. Hi. Our current figures are circa £2.4m turnover for 2018, so a very good progression from the previous year (over double the turnover) and progressing well in to 2019.

A. Hi, we are Ska and Breeam trained, so always ensure we se the correct cradle to grave materials as well as ensure all waste materials are dealt with in the correct traceable manner.

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Newbury, UK

"Design combining style and function"

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