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Legacy Motor Yachts is a family operated Yacht building consultancy and are now seeking investment to enable them to manufacture high quality luxury yachts accompanied with an impeccable British service. The team will build each yacht on the ethos of reputation for quality, craftsmanship, reliability and value. The investment raised in this campaign will allow Legacy to operate the whole process from the manufacture of a new model of luxury yacht to the sale and distribution of them.

Legacy Motor Yachts, carrying on the tradition of excellence in British boatbuilding.

Legacy Motor Yachts is the trading name of Moonraker Engineering Ltd and has dedicated its future to helping preserve custom luxury boatbuilding in the UK by offering its customers superior service and immaculately custom built luxury yachts. The company's expertise, passion and ownership of the tooling means that Legacy is able to offer a viable alternative to the current suppliers across a range of models for most of the price sectors in the European market.

The company is currently equipped to build a range of luxury motor cruiser models including a 32 foot (sundeck), 34 foot (hard top) and the 43 foot and 50 foot models. All tooling is owned outright with no royalty or rights fees payable to any third party and the business has been entirely funded by the current MD to date and has no debt whatsoever, since inception. The funds raised from this campaign will allow the company to showcase these luxurious yachts, selling them to keen buyers, aiding the growth of the brand and company which will place British made luxury yachts on the global map once again and directly preserve the long lasting heritage the small island of Britain is renowned for.

Why Legacy Motor Yachts is different? “Because we care about what follows.“

The name 'Legacy' has a twofold meaning for the us. Chris McDermott, the MD's son competed at the London 2012 Olympics, and although funding in his sport was cut afterwards, he continues to carry his sport forward and, by coaching, carry a legacy for his sport. The company, through sponsorship and bursaries, help that to continue. Chris recently captained GB to their most successful tournament in the history of his sport.

Legacy Motor Yachts cares about the future in the same way. We're building boats to gain a reputation for quality, craftsmanship, reliability and value. We want customers coming back to us in 10 or 20 years time for the updated model of their craft because of the excellent service and boat we sell them now has given them, along with the backup provided by our company.

Legacy is a family firm committed to a long future, Commercial Manager, Amy McDermott, recently joined the company having successfully graduated in Law. 
Amy's youth and vitality ensure Legacy can keep designs current for any prospective client age range.

Legacy is different because the company is small enough to care about every detail a customer requires in their next boat. Within certain parameters, much of the bespoke design will come at no extra cost.
The business' unique value proposition is that they have kept their overheads so low, they can provide a better quality, with more bespoke features boat at a more competitive price than anyone else in the marketplace.

Using the Legacy Motor Yacht production facility located adjacent to Boat Mouldings UK in Colchester, the company will build 'stock' boats to go as display models to the boat show, plus bespoke models ordered at that show.
Legacy is fully equipped with Chopped Strand Equipment, and has the full resources of Boat Mouldings UK Ltd available. All designs owned by Legacy have full production mould systems (ie including all floors and internal bulkheads) dramatically reducing build time.

Legacy Motor Yachts provides and unrivalled prospective investment opportunity as it moves into an expanding marketplace, with a product of high quality that is competitively priced.
At the major boat shows in the ranges of craft we will be selling, in excess of 90% of stock 'display' model are sold. Legacy's ability to be keen on pricing provides us with the ability to always have the flexibility to close a deal over our competitors in these environments. There's no such thing as a guaranteed sale but this is as close as it gets.

The company has ambitious future plans for preserving the British heritage of high quality luxury yacht building, The company forecasts strong growth over the next 2 years with a pre-sales profit of £540,000 in 2016 / 2017 as it penetrates the increasing market demand for luxury yachts. We very much look forward to you the investor becoming part of our Legacy.


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Key people

Paul Mcdermott
Managing Director
Amy McDermott
Commercial Manager
Jon Collins
Production Manager
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Investor rewards

Investors Day to Remember

If you invest £10,000 - £19,999
Each year for the next 5 years from it's launch spend the day with us on this craft, with complimentary fizz, drinks and food.

Self Drive Charter Week

If you invest £20,000 - £34,999
Charter the boat for a 'free' self drive week (subject to availability) The value of this incentive is up to £5000.

Self Drive Charter Week for 4 years

If you invest £35,000 - £99,999
Receive a free self drive week every year for four years, value up to £20,000

Self Drive and Moonraker discount

If you invest £100,000 - £100,000
Receive a free self drive week on this charter vessel for the first five years after it's launch, plus a £75,000 discount off a new Esprit 43 or Esprit 50 (above base level model), so a total value to this incentive of £100,000.

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"Legacy Motor Yachts, carrying on the tradition of excellence in British boatbuilding."

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