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Providing innovative financial infrastructure for the creator economy, Monet Money’s new invoice factoring and cash flow platform is helping to drive real, tangible financial inclusivity for the growing creative sector. Empowering creative individuals within the creator economy, Monet Money enables individuals to get their invoices paid instantly, better manage their banking and also, work more safely with commercial agreement templates. Having already self-funded a £100k investment into the business - building the initial platform and acquiring 7000+ users - Monet Money are now raising funds to take the company even further.

The FinTech platform for the creator economy.

We’re enabling the rapidly growing creator economy with the power to be paid instantly, to protect their income, and gain financial inclusion through enhanced risk-profiling. We’re doing this by first deploying capital in high liquidity, short-cycle, and untapped asset class: Future Revenue.

The Monet platform has been created by a team of experts in banking, software development and product growth, with support from a strong advisory board.

The largest issues for creators in the short-term are related to managing cash flow with financial support, working securely, and handling the admin which comes with running a business - so they can focus on scaling their professions.

Our focus at Monet is on immediate usefulness to creators and the nature of their multi-stream incomes, with our flagship offering being an improved model of invoice factoring for creators working with corporate clients and global platforms. These platforms include, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch and TikTok are examples of platforms that allow creators to generate revenue from their audiences.

We are powered by open banking technology, personalised risk-profiling models and streamlined workflows for users to manage their business banking, admin and commercial documents.

We’ve built our platform and we are now conducting revenue-generating activities to test processes. Management accounts are available upon request.

7,413 professional creators have registered to the platform in just a few weeks, as we tested our marketing strategy on a small scale. With approximately of these 4,000 creators surveyed, our research found that 78% dislike dealing with their business admin, chasing payments and agreements and that 98% are willing to pay for the Monet platform.

Led by a growth marketing expert, we are using Utility As Marketing and network effect tactics to scale the business through behavioural economics. We have already proved the potential success of this growth model through our tests to build a waitlist. Meaning we do not solely require paid marketing channels to scale and can focus on product development.


With this investment we will enhance our product with the following improvements:

• Future Tracked Revenue integrations, allowing platform revenue (subscriptions, affiliate commissions, royalties and fees) to be tracked and instantly liquidated for creators on-demand.

• E-money Account for Creators, a first of its kind digital wallet account specialising in tools and community infrastructure for creators.

• Risk-profiling Infrastructure, de-risking creators for financial services through our first-party proprietary data we collect from platform usage, banking data, their client base, momentum and business management efficiency scores, alongside data from our risk-profiling partnerships. We intend to partner with institutions to open up this market to more financing opportunities, in a secure manner.

The growth of the creator economy is staggering, with over 50m currently earning platform-driven revenue and an expected market cap of $35Bn within the next 4 years. To put it simply, being a creator is the future of high supply work, with 54% of generation Z proactively working to become professional revenue-generating creators at this moment. This is thanks to the decentralisation of the economy and the growth of self-serve platforms.

This funding round will allow us to accelerate our product build, make key hires, potentially unlock grants and improve our first iterations of automated risk-profiling technology. The funds will also enable us to work towards proving the business model, market, and clearly show the potential to scale Monet with a significant growth round to follow. This is a SEIS eligible investment however we are currently waiting for SEIS approval from HMRC which we hope to receive over the next few weeks.

We are excited for you to be a part of our journey and can’t wait to grow our business with you.


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"The FinTech platform for the creator economy."

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