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MK Brands is a British-born e-commerce company that owns two distinguished lifestyle brands. Midnight City is a unisex jewellery brand selling unique and individually crafted pieces, whilst Neon Beach is an environmentally-friendly and affordable signage brand that sells high-quality neon lighting. The company is expanding, and they are looking for funding to purchase further stock for growth.

We champion creativity, self expression and adventure on this journey we call life.

At MK Brands, we strongly believe in selling with a unique purpose and creating a meaningful community - that is why we are proud to own Midnight City and Neon Beach. Both brands inspire creativity, uniqueness, and joy. It is important to us that our customers feel good about themselves when they purchase each piece whether it be our neon lights or something from our jewellery line.

Our brand Midnight City, is a unisex brand that creates high-quality pieces that are also affordable for our customers. They are more than just accessories, they are individually crafted with a story to tell, representing a fundamental extension of a person. Each piece is made in the UK as we believe in sustainability and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. To find. out more, please visit:

Having a lifelong appreciation of the aestheticism and the emotional impact of neon lighting, a trip to Tokyo with some friends inspired the creation of Neon Beach. We wanted our signage to reflect the colourful lighting and feeling neon lights gave, so each piece is made to create our customer’s vibe. The lights are made from high-quality LED instead of traditional neon glass piping, as they are longer-lasting and more vivid. Moreover, they are also environmentally-friendly as they need less energy to run on, hence why they are also safe to touch as they don’t generate a lot of heat. Since they cost less to produce, our customers also save money as they are very affordable. To find out more, please visit:

We are looking forward to growing and expanding our company and will be using the funds raised to further purchase stock.

COVID-19 Resilience:
The e-commerce sector has recently risen by 68% since April due to the impacts of COVID-19, showing this sector to be quite resilient in our current circumstance.

Credit Risk Comments:
The director, although providing a personal guarantee, is not a homeowner. There have been no CCJs for the business or director. The business is earlier stage however a higher than normal interest rate has been offered to reflect these risks.

Neon Beach is showing a poor rating on Trust Pilot, owing to fake reviews. This has been acknowledged by Trust Pilot, who are displaying this on the review page.

The forecasts have been calculated based on consistent year on year growth.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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"We champion creativity, self expression and adventure on this journey we call life."

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