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Millen Compliance Consultants comprises of a successful, Association of Professional Compliance Consultants-registered team assisting financial firms in managing regulatory obligations. Each service is uniquely tailored to best meet their clients’ needs, including specialist areas such as investment, pension, and insurance, to name a few. The money raised will be used to hire more staff to grow the expert team and increase the marketing spend to attract further clients.

Compliance services you can rely on

At Millen Compliance Consultants, we specialise in assisting IFA firms in the South East with their regulatory requirements. As a successful team, we have numerous areas of expertise, including investment, pension, mortgage, and insurance, all in line with the FCA. Our main focus is on three main areas: training and compliance, data security, and anti-money laundering. We're proud to be registered with the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC) and partnered with Money Laundering Resource.

Every service is tailored to each individual client. We understand that running a business is a complex and time-consuming, so we ensure everything is taken care of. This typically involves achieving authorisation, managing regulatory obligations, and providing staff with focused compliance training on their behalf, which we carry out through full audits, quarterly visits and reports, drafting relevant documents, and so on.

Over the years, we've built a portfolio of many satisfied, returning clients, some for as long as over 20 years. We aim to continue this success and acquire new clients, we're now raising funds to accommodate our next phase. The money raised in this campaign will therefore go towards the recruitment of more staff and increasing our marketing spend.


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A. Hello, I do not know exactly as we have never defaulted on any of our credit commitments. Although using a broker to source funding they approached a number of institutions who each carried out their checks therefore impacting on our credit score as a number of credit searches were carried out.

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"Compliance services you can rely on"

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