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Capital at risk
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Miles Alive is the Ãœber Pool for lorries in the haulage sector. We are an online booking system that enables our customers to offer available loads to a wide network of approved haulage companies. Simply complete an online form and your work will instantly be available to our suppliers, who will already be running the route you require. We are now looking to raise a loan to fund the launch of our new online booking platform and develop our automated operations system.

Increasing efficiency of global haulage through the use of technology

Manage your subcontracting budget by setting and adjusting the price for individual loads. If the price is right, one of our suppliers will take your work directly from the site and you will receive a confirmation email with the supplier's details.

No need for time consuming calls or emails to find the best deal; with Miles Alive, a whole directory is just a click away, and they're all local. Your POD will be uploaded directly to the site. Invoices will be sent weekly for all work undertaken, regardless of how many suppliers you have used.

UK Wide Network
Access a national network of approved haulage suppliers. We manage accurate and up-to-date records for all our suppliers who are fully vetted.

Automatic Process
Upload the details of your available loads for automatic assignment to one of our approved hauliers. Your booking will then be confirmed by email.

We use an on-line administration and POD process. Suppliers can upload POD documentation directly onto the system for our customers to review.

Access a selection of performance reports available to both Customers and Suppliers. Track how you're performing in terms of volumes, revenue, and more!


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 100k
£ 0
Estimated close date
Coming Soon

Where will the funds go?

Launch of automated booking system
Automation system for customers

Key people

Karen Kirkham
Mark Kirkham

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"Increasing efficiency of global haulage through the use of technology"

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