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Found in the centre of fashionable Marylebone, Michael Van Clarke has worked its way up to become one of London's best luxury hair and beauty salon. With hairdressing superstar, Michael, leading the way, it's no surprise that they have been named 'UK Salon of the Year' and hold sixteen British hairdressing awards. They are now looking to refurbish and expand their premises, so the money raised will go towards taking their salon to the next level.

London's finest hair and beauty salon leading the sector

Following his rise to success as a hairstylist featured in top magazines, our founder, Michael Clarke, opened our salon in 1988. Now with over thirty years experience, Michael has grown our business to a team of sixty highly trained experts in hair and beauty. We offer all the traditional services - cutting, colouring, and styling - as well as our very own signature service, Diamond Dry Cut. This premier method for cutting hair while dry allows the stylist to work with the natural movement and texture to create something truly unique for each client. On top of this, we've branched out into beauty treatments, from tailor-made brow treatments to discreet waxing and luxurious massages, all of which take place in our state-of-the-art treatment rooms - and with our in-house deli attached!

We have a huge, international client base, some of whom have been styled by us for over twenty years. Among our numerous awards, including the coveted 'UK Salon of the Year', we have glowing reviews from top industry influencers: for example, Vogue named us "the most professional salon in London", and our work regularly appears in fashion magazines and national newspapers. Since we have refined our craft, we now run seminars and shows around the world to other professionals. For a wider audience, we've developed our own range of hair care products, called 3 More Inches, designed to encompass the science behind stunning, healthy hair.

Michael has built an excellent reputation in business and regularly gives talks on the values behind the Michael Van Clarke culture and how other people can follow them to make the most out of their own ventures. The next step for the salon is a refurbishment, which the funds raised will go towards. This will allow the business to grow further as we open up to new opportunities.


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Key people

Michael Evangelos Clarke
LLP Member
Louise Rebecca Ortelli
LLP Member
Gaby Olivia Van Clarke
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A. I'm using Crowd2fund as it is simple quick and innovative. I was expecting a lower rate too. Perhaps you could write in for us.

A. Total net operating profits did not fall. Van Clarke Ltd. was a corporate Member up to 2015 and its earnings showed as part of those profits. In 2016 & 2017 it stepped out of the LLP and its earnings shows as an invoiced cost which made it appear on the P & L that net profits were lower.

A. We were awaiting clarification of new Members which has come through and this has been dealt with. I expect Companies House will update their site shortly.

A. One short term loan from Iwoca from June this year helped us secure a freehold of an adjacent property. We will clear the remaining £64k. A 3 year loan from FC that helped with our refurbishment programme has just 5 months left so we will also clear this last £40k.

A. Over the past 4 years we have been upgrading our working space and adding new operating space. Most of the change in assets and liabilities are inter company with one of our corporate Members.

A. Because we are an LLP all profits are distributed to Members at end of year and none are retained.

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"London's finest hair and beauty salon leading the sector"

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