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Metstok, market leaders in distributing stainless steel, are back for another raise! Thanks to a partnership with the largest steel manufacturer in India, Jindal Stainless, and distribution bases in Belgium and the UK, Metstok deliver high quality stainless steel at speed to European customers. Growing fast and with expansion to a new mill in Odisha, the funds raised will facilitate this exciting new period and help them increase available stock.

Globally renowned stainless steel delivered throughout Europe

At Metstok, we excel at providing fully certified EN standard material across Europe, from our mills in India. Our supply partner, Jindal Stainless, are India's largest and only fully-integrated stainless steel manufacturers. Here we have our Hisar mill, which specialises in manufacture for a wide range of industries, including razor blades, where we are the global leader in supply. They also produce cold rolled coils from 0.5-3.15mm thick, plus hot rolled coils from 2-12mm thick - in total, this amounts to an annual melting capacity of 0.8 million tonnes!

We have short lead times, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service: this is what makes Metstok stand out. We aim to overcome many of the barriers of global selling, such as letters of credit and fixed prices. We keep stock in the UK, and hold central stock in Antwerp for distribution throughout Europe, to ensure we can meet demand at any given time. As part of the British Stainless Steel Association, we make sure that we meet and exceed all regulations.

We are currently undergoing an expansion to a new mill in Odisha, which will produce 300 series products, both cold and hot and rolled stainless steel. In order to keep up with the distribution of this increase in supply, we will be growing at an exciting rate. We will use the money raised in this campaign to purchase this additional stock as we continue to expand.


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A. Hi Blair, I think you have asked a similar question before.
Most of our stock never reaches the UK, 98% is held in the port of Antwerp ready for EU distribution. We are comfortable with "Brexit" at this stage and have at least two and a half years with the transition period so are not unduly concerned in the short to medium term. Once we know the outcome of the negotiations by March 2019 we will review the position

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"Globally renowned stainless steel delivered throughout Europe"

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