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Merlin Equipment are world-leading design and manufacturers of power system products for commercial and defence markets. Starting out by providing emergency vehicles in the UK, they pioneered the design of a new smart-gauge battery monitor that is now used in a wide range of military vehicles on a global scale. Merlin Equipment will use the money raised to further their product range still, by purchasing new equipment.

Experts in power

Merlin Equipment are experts in the generation, storage, distribution and monitoring of electrical power on board specialist vehicles. As society becomes ever more mobile, demands for reliable, safe and efficient power are ever increasing. With a unique portfolio of power products, including the world’s most accurate battery monitoring technology, we are the go-to company for police, ambulance, outside broadcast, service vehicle, surveillance and defence customers.

This is a generational business started over 30 years ago, handed to our current director, James, by his father. In the beginning, we were focused on providing power inverters to emergency vehicles in the UK. James spotted a gap in the market and designed an innovative smart-gauge battery monitor which widened our horizons as a business. Since then he has changed the business from a distributor of products (net importer) to a design and manufacture house (net exporter). He won Dorset Entrepreneur of the Year award in recognition of his efforts and employs a dedicated and passionate team.

Our products are of the highest quality and reliability. This is crucial given the importance of our clients: the Metropolitan Police and the Ambulance Services both use our power systems in their emergency vehicles, and we have an on-going relationship that ensures all their needs are serviced by us. We've also worked with the British Army & Special Forces, Cosworth, Thales, British Telecom and EnerSys. In addition, we're currently working on exciting partnerships involving military vehicles. The advantage of our products being so diverse is that we can be active in numerous markets, which we are exploring in the US at present.

In order to continue to innovate and deliver, we are raising funds to take our business to the next level and have several new products under development at present. We will use the funds raised to bring these new products to market (by way of new tooling required), finance a number of contracts that are commencing in the next quarter, and to consolidate an existing loan.


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James Hortop

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