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Mega Resources have over 300 carers and nurses across the UK to provide the highest standard of home care to those who require it, from palliative care to live-in care. With a large team of dedicated individuals caring for their clients, Mega Resources are looking for funding to allow them to grow further and improve the quality of life of even more people.

Supporting families in the comfort of their own home.

Originally set up in 2011, we have grown to become a family business directed by Margaret, King, and Winner Lawal. We have grown to have a carer network that consists of over 300 people that are dedicated to providing a tailored service to help take care of people in their own home. The people under our care are aged between 18-99+ years old, with our services covering palliative care, domiciliary care, and live-in care.

We have been rated Good by the Care Quality Commission, with ratings of Excellent on aspects including Suitability of Staffing and Quality of Management. We are also in an NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, and hold a rating of 9.6/10 on, a leading home care review site who also awarded us when we recently won one of their Top 20 Home Provider Awards for 2018! These institutional awards are backed by our clients who have described our staff as "brilliant","lovely", and "all good carers".

The team has expanded massively, and we now have branches in Kettering, Bedford, and London. We plan on continuing along this positive direction and are looking to use the funds to expand into Hertfordshire.


We are aware of the incident reported by ITV earlier in the year regarding one of the carers working for Mega Resources. We have spoken with the client about this incident and are satisfied with the investigation conducted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) that found that Mega Resources Ltd had implemented all preventative measures for this kind of incident.


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£ 53k
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Funded 11 months ago in 6 days

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Expansion into Hertfordshire
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Margeret Lawal
King Lawal
Chief Finance Officer
Winner Lawal
Chief Operations Officer

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A. Hi Sharon,
Apologies for taking a couple days to respond. We are currently operating in St Albans. The 50k will be used to branch further into Hertfordshire, namely Watford and Hertsmere, of which we already hold provider contracts. The money will ensure ease of cash flow, and cover the increased administrative expense that will come with the expansion.

A. Hi Alan,

That is a very good question. From the years 15-17 our turnover grew from circa £700k, to £950k to £1.5m. We reinvest our profits for growth and don't pay dividends because we know there is a lot we can accomplish, reinvesting internally is the best way to do so. Our turnover for 2018 should even be higher. We will use part of the money that we usually reinvest to cover the repayments. I hope this has answered your question.

Kind Regards
Winner Lawal

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"Supporting families in the comfort of their own home."

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