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Capital at risk
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Lisap (UK) is the British arm and exclusive distributor for the Italian cosmetics company Lisap SPA. Lisap Spa are in over 110 countries and have sales of around 70 million Euros. Lisap UK have distribution throughout most of the UK . Thet have been in operation for over 25 years, and carry with them enormous amount of experience. Their director is an alumnus of London’s Beauty and Fashion scene from the mid-late 20th century, and brings that experience with him to provide context and direction to Lisap (UK)’s work distributing Lisap products in Britain.

To provide top quality beauty products with efficiency and a smile.

I founded the UK branch of Lisap over 25 years ago. My background is as a photographer and video director in London’s bustling Fashion and Beauty scene, followed by working across the globe as a visual marketing consultant. This wealth of experience meant I was able to appreciate the importance of luxury cosmetics and the demand for them in the UK. Lisap (UK) has been going for over 25 years, and still maintains the sole distribution rights for Lisap products in the UK.

As a distributor, we focus on Business to Business sales (B2B). B2B sales therefore necessitate good relations with our clients, as repeat business is our goal. Lisap (UK) focuses on the customer experience, ensuring all of our customers are well looked after and increasing the likelihood that our clients will continue to work with us in order to keep stocking Lisap products. How well do we do this? We’re still the sole distributor of Lisap products in the UK, which says a lot about how good our service is. High quality service is a must when you’re a distributor for high quality products.

One of the things I’m most proud about when it comes to Lisap (UK) is that we’ve managed to keep growing. Last year we managed to achieve a growth of approximately 5%, whilst many of our competitors have been struggling to grow their businesses. With the support of Crowd2Fund we hope to continue this trend, or ideally even exceed it.

Credit Commentary:
The director Kenneth Bieber is providing a personal guarantee, which means should the business fail and have insufficient assets within the business to repay the loan, we can look to the guarantor(s) to repay any shortfall on repayment. There have been no CCJs for the business or director. The company’s debt servicing capacity is outside of credit policy, but this will be mitigated by the fact that the C2F loan will be used to refinance their current borrowing, which should result in an improved DSC. The Equifax score and grade, on which we base our assessment of risk, are based on the October 2022 filed accounts. The management accounts show that profit before tax was £29,462 and net equity was £208,658. The bank statements demonstrate reasonable affordability, and the accounts remain well in credit.

Inflation Risk:
As the majority of lending to the business is at a fixed rate, they will not be immediately affected by interest rate increases. The directors do not expect to draw money from the business as the funds will be used for debt settling.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 134k
£ 15k
Est close date
Funded 1 month ago in 29 days

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Debt settlement

Key people

Kenneth George Selwyn Bieber
Red cup

Investor rewards

Beautiful Perk

If you invest £200 - £499
, you get 10% off Lisap’s Lisaplex Luxury Effective Haircare range

Head Turner Reward

If you invest £500 - £10,000
,you get 20% off Lisap’s Lisaplex Luxury Effective Haircare range

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London, UK

"To provide top quality beauty products with efficiency and a smile."

26 years, 9 months
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