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Lime Sun Solutions specialises in the import and export of stationery, office equipment and Fast Moving Consumer Goods worldwide, making use of their long-term partnerships in the industry. They have recently launched a new eCommerce platform to complement their growing business. The funds raised will be used to recruit new staff and grow their eCommerce channel.

Developing mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers across the globe.

We founded Lime Sun Solutions in 2012, as an import and export business, making use of key partnerships we had developed in North America, East Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We specialise in office equipment, stationery and Fast Moving Consumer Goods sourcing goods at competitive prices and selling where the demand is higher.

We focus on partnerships whenever we start a new business venture and have now started several successful brands under the company. We recently made the move to create a new eCommerce platform, in line with retail progressively moving online. The platform,, lists over 2000 consumer items, geared towards original and niche gifts for every occasion.

The eCommerce site is building traction, so with the money raised, we are looking to invest in recruitment and marketing the site to grow it further.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
£ 50k
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Funded 9 months ago in 8 days

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Wajeeha Zafar Syed

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A. Hi Daryl, recently we had an incorrect billing situation with Vodafone - our telecom provider. We brought it to their attention and they started working to this which is a time consuming process. However, by the time they did the needful, their system registered this on record affecting the score. The situation has been salvaged and we are paying them the agreed amount within next week and this will be shown as satisfied and the score would be back to good level. Thank you. Wajeeha

A. Hi Medhanand. Replied above. Many thanks. Wajeeeha

A. Hi Medhananad, All our suppliers are aware of the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and we have discussed with them in details. All are ready to ride out the challenge by adjusting the prices to mitigate the higher costs, if any. So, its all well thought out and we are prepared for it. However, lets hope for a deal to be struck. Many thanks for your interest in working with us. Wajeeha

A. Hi Medhanand, All our suppliers want to see their volumes not only kept but go up and they will adjust the prices. It is in the interest of all. Many thanks. Wajeeha

A. Hi Aan, Yes, that is correct. We will clear the small loan of £ 10K. Many thanks for your interest in working with us. Wajeeha

A. Hi Michael, if there is any impact on our costing due a no deal Brexit, our suppliers would are fully poised to reduce their prices to keep us competitive. It is in their interest that we keep buying and keep the volumes. So, this aspect is well thought out and planned for. Thank you for your interest in working with us. Wajeeha

A. Hi Orestis, we export worldwide but most of our sales are in : South Africa, China, Singapore, Kenya, UAE and India. And we buy from UK, EU and North America. Many thanks for your interest in working with us. Wajereha

A. Hi Jakob, the business expansion is designed for better revenues and profitability which will easily absorb the expense of additional staff. We will also outsource some work as possible to keep the staffing cost variable and lower as much as possible. We have identified some niche products and decent supply channels. Thanks. Wajeeha

A. Hi Jacob, the revenue and margins have improved in the FY June 2018 - May 2019 compared to the previous year. We are now discussing long term purchase and supply commitments with suppliers which will bring steep discounts which will contribute towards much better profitability. This is on the offline sales. On the online sales, we are targeting some niche products which are sold with very good margins. So, our FY 2019-2020 will be much better. Many thanks for your interest in working with us

A. Hi, our current sales are offline wholesale to customers around the world which we find through export intelligence methods available through UK Trade & Industry and also our already established network of repeat customers. We are now going aggressively on e-commerce. Please see our website that explains the current and future strategies . Many thanks for your interest in working with us.

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"Developing mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers across the globe."

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