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Laystone Electronics Ltd have come from humble beginnings as a supplier of small parts for the UK monitor industry, to becoming a one-stop shop for LED screens and lighting. These services include pioneering circuit design and software development. After the growth experienced following their acquisition by Bright Energy Solutions, Laystone now plan to continue their growth through acquiring an electronics supplier of their own as the fast growing sector of energy efficient lighting expands.

Helping companies build the perfect display every step of the way.

At Laystone Electronics, we started off supplying clients in the UK monitor industry with CRT, scan coils and line output transformers. Since then we have grown year-on-year, now being able to provide services outside of supply to clients from various sectors and helping them at every step of the lifetime of their projects.

We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients at every stage of their projects, using the decades of experience at our disposal within the team to not only supply components but also being able to carry out circuit design, software development, and in-house manufacturing. As a company, we have grown to the point where annually we are responsible for the supply of over 50,000 LED lighting sets and cables to the retail display industry!

There is no intention at our company to slow down the rate at which we are growing, and the next step for us to acquire a new business, further expanding our client base and having more tools at our disposal to continue providing a high quality of service.


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£ 53k
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Acquisition of N-Tech Supplies Ltd
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Jake Masidlover
Stephen Masidlover
Paul Cornwell
Tracey Cowley

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A. we currently as laystone manufacture led lighting this will enable us to promote and enhance our own products to a wider market other them just OEM and custom house lighting also there are certain products that laystone use that and n-tech sell to clients that we will now have a much better buying power to get competitive prices thus improving profit margins

A. The winding up petition was rescinded on 16th November, this was a big dispute between the site and the manufacturer that we were dragged into and we was withholding monies due to fittings failing. As we were in the middle of the war we agreed to settle if they replaced the fittings. As mentioned this matter was resolved very quickly.

A. Jakob our account doesn't work over the weekend we will get this and share with you on monday. So Year end Jan 2016* £316,370, Jan 2017* £316,521, Jan 2018* £319,219

A. the top 5 customers equate to 30% of the T/O and 100% of the clients are return clients

A. hi Jakob currently the business has got retained clients that it has had for the last 5 years. however we are using some of the investment to improve and enhance the eCommerce site.

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"Helping companies build the perfect display every step of the way."

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