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Launch Interactions are the producers of an event management app that connects attendees to speakers and exhibitors through gamification and networking features. Their engaging technology aims to turn passive attendees into active participants and has been adopted by many well-known clients. Using the funds raised, they will expand the reach of their exciting new technology by expanding into Miami.

Launching your event with engaging tech

At Launch Interactions, we have allowed our clients to interact with their attendees in a multitude of ways through our easy-to-use mobile app. With our technology, our clients are able to produce a variety of activities for their attendees and exhibitors alike. Capabilities that are offered on our software include: an activity feed, creating surveys and polls, badge/lead scanning, and personalised agendas. This tailored solution, complete with 24/7 customer service and a dedicated client experience manager, means that exhibitors can help their events reach their full potential from the palm of their hand.

Our pioneering technology and smooth implementation have caught the eye of multiple well-known clients, including McDonalds and Airbus. One such client able to integrate our software to allow for maximum interaction was Dawn Foods. During their annual Kick Off event in Athens, 100% of their attendees used our app, with 99% actively engaged! Dawn Foods were able to incorporate several of our features over the course of the 4-day event, from creating live polling and Q&As to using our app to get their attendees engaged in a Treasure Hunt around Athens.

We believe that our technology is beneficial for clients from all corners of the globe, regardless of sector. Our software has been well-received by both guests and organisers, so with the funds raised on this platform, we want to expand internationally by moving our business into Miami.


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£ 53k
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A. Hi Colin,
Sorry, you see that this way and I hope the above has provided you with some clarity around this.

A. Hi Colin,
Sorry in any delay, per previous responses our business operates in a profit, staff have been paid and continue to be paid through the business/turn over profit. Staff costs are between the £100k-£200k figure and costs continue to increase as our revenue does which currently sits at 3/5x the higher end of staff costs.

A. Hi Colin,

In short, staff costs range between £100k-£200k, we are growing in revenue every month and with that, we will continue to grow, our profit is up 300%+ Q1 of year 2, compared to Q1 of year 1, this is formed from a great team with awesome people. Client retention rates =90+%, new business = up and account growth x4. Our growth line continues on a strong line and the very exciting part too this is we are still in the early days!

A. Hi Darryl,

Equifax goes up to 700, no idea about Experian. In regards to Company score, a company being 1.5 years old with little history around credit. Please do reach out to Crowd2Fund on any help around this.

A. Great question Ashley, this is more the physical presence of expanding into Miami. We are in the "Conference/Event Space" we have clients in the U.S and gaining new clients each month in the U.S, it is important we expand into the U.S to continue this growth, improve the service and deliverly of our services to these clients.

Yes Apps can be downloaded anywhere but that is not really the point of expanding to the states, it is our whole business model and serving our u.s clients/growth.

A. We started the company in my house, then moved to the garage in January 2018, then we worked from there for as long as we could, come July 2018 our "Employee Growth"starts where we increased the team over 6 months to where it is now.
This increase came from previous growth/sales, new growth/sales and continued along the correct curve from growth, sales, profit, leaving healthy net profit each month.

A. Hi Darryl,

My score is 508 on Equifax which is deemed as excellent by Equifax. I own a 600k house with a 280k mortgage. Please do let me know if the score is no "Excellent" per what Equifax is showing as of today?

A. I am unable to give you a response that clearly outlines the structure with the 500 character limit at play. We make 20-30k clear "net profit" per month, our turnover, sales, growth covers the cost of all of our staff per previous question/answer. We will continue to employ more people as this lines continue and we are most likely employing 10-20 people this year "from turn over, sales and profit". Our staff started increasing at July 2018 when we moved out of my garage into a formal office.

A. Hi Harish,

Slido is a great tool that provides interactive sessions, it does not provide agenda, networking, speed networking, gamifications, speakers, badge scanning, lead scanning, full event/conference registration, end to end solutions.

We offer Slido to all of our clients to enhance their experience, we have many great clients using this software and Slido are actually talking at a conference next week with Launch Interactions being modeled and presented by them!

A. Hi Ernst,

We started in June 2016, which means our accounts have recently been filled for June 2016 - June 2017, I think these are publicly viewable?

A. Hi Elizabeth,
Many thanks for expanding on this, we also teach our clients on how to "self-service" meaning we teach them, educate and support on self delivery, where we have clients running 200 events a year alone, we have trained their teams to deliver our software.

We have 30 days payment terms of which has now been reduced to 7, with a profitable model and great service, we are growing fast, will continue to do so and our company profits/growth is what pays the staff. Since the very start

A. Hi Jakob,

Great question, we wanted to win clients and have revenue in the US market before going there, since this plan in August 2018, we have gained 10+ new clients and revenue exceeding $200k, making this already profitable and to support this growth and to capture this huge market, expanding now will be key.

A. Hi Elizabeth,

Since started in June 2016, we have turned over £650k+ and for 2019-2020 the annual revenue excepted to close around the £1million, there are for key contracts at current play that potentially triple this, but we are not factoring that into the above figure as of course they are large contracts.

We have 90%+ retention and around 5 new clients joining a month for the past 16 months, and expanding fast in the U.S with new clients joining every month.

A. Hi Jakob,

Clients work on a "per event/per license" meaning when the event has finished, another license would be required to be purchased for their next event. Clients like Airbus run 1000's a year and smaller clients like associations run an annual event a year, in essence providing the best possible service with retention rates above 90% we have gained great clients and returning events/clients/revenue. Already for the next year, we are supporting 200+ events

A. Hi Jakob, really great question! We are a Multi-Platform provider, we bring our competition into one place. Onesize does not fit all, in the world fo technology or even physics!

Being able to tailor the correct technology around the correct client needs. We provide full support, managed services, with world-leading technology.

We are the only multi-event app provider that brings the world platforms into one place.

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